EuroMillions Winner Grows £1M Win Even Bigger

What would you do if you won the biggie? I guess we would all go a bit crazy with the money. After all we can surely call winning the lottery, ‘silly money’ and let loose for a bit, to get the things we’ve always wanted to have out of our system. 

How would you spend a EuroMillions jackpot? Would you immediately invest your lottery windfall and save for the future, or indulge in your passion for shopping, travelling and partying up a storm? For those of you that have immediate plans on taking the lot and investing it, we would like to tell you about Mike Myles, who’s living proof that you can do both.

Matt Myles EuroMillions lottery winner

Mike won £1 million on the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker two years ago. Although we’ve seen bigger jackpots like the EuroMillions Superdraw that will take place on the 30th September, 2016, Matt not only had a really good time with his euro lotto win, he also made whack at the same time.

Like most of us, Matt initially had good time with his EuroMillions winnings. He spent at £500 000 visiting 22 countries in 18 months, sipping champagne, wooing countless women and buying designer clothes.

As a former soldier in the Royal Engineers from 2005 to 2010, Lance Corporal Myles travelled the world with his brother, Pete who also served a term in Afghanistan. But the EuroMillions winner admitted was he wanted to start a family and settle down by the time he was 30.

Mother knows best

It was Matt’s mother, Vivien who sat him down to have a serious chat about his finances, and Matt realised that if he carried on living the good life, his fortune would be gone. Matt started investing in property, medical shares and a film.

Matt’s now worth £1.1 million! 

So for those online lottery players, who play the lottery draw after draw in the hope of winning the jackpot, remember Matt. It might start off all fun and games, but in the end you need to take your money seriously.

You might think it would take you ages to run out of money, but for many winners this happens sooner rather than later.

There’s no harm in spending your winnings on your friends and family, or making some of your dreams come true. But it pays to think about the long-term and put something aside for a rainy day. If you play the lotto online, you’ll have to pay taxes on a few of these lotteries, such as the Powerball and Mega Millions, which definitely put a dent in your jackpot and you’ll walk away with less than the advertised figure.

When it comes to playing the European lotteries such as the EuroMillions and Eurojackpot, only a few of the participating countries demand that players pay tax on their winnings. But non-European winners may have to pay some form of tax on lottery winnings as per the legislation in the country they reside in.

Let’s face it, once you know exactly how much you will be taking home, it’s time to speak to a financial advisor. Looking at the various lottery winners stories on, we can already see that more and more lottery jackpot winners are taking longer to claim their wins. Why? Because they are getting their ducks in a row and first speaking to financial advisors.

These people know exactly what they are doing. So don’t think that by simply picking the winning lotto numbers makes you a genius with figures. Leave that to the professionals.

It’s a good thing Matt’s mother intervened when she did, as Matt’s now making his money work for him!

Why settle for a big jackpot when you can take that money and grow it.
There’s nothing better after all, than seeing your lottery winnings grow, and the long-term benefits of savvy investing, eventually far outweigh the short-lived thrills of shopping and partying.

Even if you win the lotto, it doesn’t mean the rest of your life will be trouble-free. For those online lottery players who aren’t confident enough to play the stock market, you could simply put money aside and let it gather interest while you continue to work. This will definitely set you up for a comfortable retirement.

Invest your lottery windfall

Fulfilling his dreams

Matt realised this and is now looking forward to fulfilling his dreams of becoming a firefighter. The best part is, that even after spending half of his EuroMillions windfall, he’s even richer now.

So, instead of spending all your time daydreaming about what you would do if you won the lottery, why not take some time and investigate how best to invest your winnings. It’s one thing to buy EuroMillions tickets online and hope for the best, but it’s quite another to work out how you can rely on a jackpot to give you a comfortable life without ever having to work again.

Remember the golden rule though, you have to be in it to win it! So keep buying your EuroMillions tickets online and double checking your euro lotto results. But while you wait to crack the winning lotto numbers, don’t forget to find ways that best suit you to invest your money. Chances are you can use what you learn, to grow the savings you already have!

That way, you could earn more money to play the lotto online! If you take anything away from Matt’s story, it should be that life is all about balance!

Latest EuroMillions lottery results

The EuroMillions winning numbers for the draw that took place on the 13 September, 2016 are:

4 – 7 – 16 – 35 - 44 with the two Lucky Stars of 1 and 3.

EuroMillions results 13 Setpember 2016
The EuroMillions lotto always offers many players around the globe the chance to win something even if they just match two numbers. In last night EuroMillions draw, no player managed to match all the EuroMillions winning number to scoop the jackpot prize. This means the jackpot has rolled over to bigger, better €39 million for this Friday’s draw.

In the second prize tier, there were two EuroMillions ticket holders who got lucky, matching five main numbers and 1 Lucky Star. This means they each got to take home a fabulous amount of €486,020.20.
In the third prize tier, there were six players who matched only the main numbers. They took home €54,002.20 each. There were also many other players in the other tiers who took home something, even if it wasn’t the main jackpot prize. Congratulations to all those winners!

So if you’re like me and often dream that 5 + 2 will add up to this weeks €39 million EuroMillions jackpot – then play EuroMillions online today and stand a chance to become the next multi-millionaire!

Best of luck!
The Team

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