The EuroMillions Paintball Advert - What do you think?

There is a new EuroMillions Television advert that is currently being broadcast, and it features what initially seems to be a team of crack marine forces on their way to engage a military target. As it turns out, it is actually a group of friends and Lottery winners that are hell-bent on having fun. Tell us how you would reward your friends and you could win a month's bundle which features a ticket in each draw that we offer for a full thirty days:

  • 4 EuroMillions entries
  • 8 Powerball Entries
  • 8 MegaMillions entries
  • 12 SuperEnaLotto entries
  • 8 UK lottery entries


The new EuroMillions Paintball Advert

Explain the party/adventure/event you would organise for your friends by posting a reply to this post, and we'll select the one we like the most. Be creative and let your imagination run wild, bearing in mind that winning a massive jackpot like EuroMillions means you have absolutely NO boundaries.

The fine print:
- Our decision is final and no discussion will be entered into
- The winner will have their vouchers credited to their account
- The prize may not be withdrawn as cash
- The winner will be announced in a post on this news item on the 1st of August 2010

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Anne Erdmann - who has written 27 articles

Posted by SB-F8 (25/06/2010)

This video is great. and it looks as though they had a great time making it. Personally, I'd rather take all my mates skiing, those that make it all the way to the bottom can share in the wealth. You crash, you lose.

Posted by C47M6ID (25/06/2010)

brilliant ad. Shows what you can do with that kind of money... Holding thumbs for me and my mates in this week's draw!

Posted by Brian (25/06/2010)

If I won one of these hundred million Dollar lotteries I would organize a trip to Las Vegas with some of my very good friends. The trip would be first class all the way. There would be non-stop drinking, partying, gambling and just general mayhem and that would only be on the flight over - once we landed in Vegas the fun would really begin!

Posted by GOVINDARAJAN (25/06/2010)

Well!Wealth always had to do with Yachts Good Food and Wine and what better Lifestyle if I could treat me and my Friends on a Mega Luxurious Yacht Cruise along the South Of France Coast making calls at places like Monaco,Antibes,Cannes,St Tropez..WOW...a DREAM COME TRUE.

Posted by Lye Choon (25/06/2010)

If I won the Euromillions, I would engage scientists who use genetic engineering to bring dinosaurs or their cousins back to life. Then in a setting just like Jurassic Park, we will go dinosaur hunting. Which team gets to kill a T-Rex wins in a team match provided they don't get eaten up first:)

Posted by N5-HJ (25/06/2010)

I would invite my mates around for a games evening featuring Scrabble and Risk. There would be free drinks and also free snacks such as crisps and sausages. Upon leaving, each friend would be told that I was now a multi-multi millionaire in Euro currency and that I was now too rich to ever see them again. They'd then be given a polaroid of me giving a thumbs up for them to stick on their 'memory wall'.

Posted by 2uUe4JSn-s43tt (25/06/2010)

I would pay all my friends to take the year off and take them on a trip around the world - just the places where we won't get arrested for having too much fun. Would get Mr Travolta to fly us to some exotics locales and teach us how to line dance one night.

Posted by C47M6ID (25/06/2010)


Posted by R0dSNo (26/06/2010)

Great ad!I would take my mates on a snowmobile fun weekend in Scandinavia.Nothing beats fun in the snow with some added in speed!

Posted by MOSES REAGAN PAUL (27/06/2010)

Well I'd take my friends to the wildest parties in Vegas n go gambiling at the casinos .buy a bugatti n lamborghini ,party in the hippest clubs buy a mansion and live the life of a roctstar!

Posted by MOSES REAGAN PAUL (27/06/2010)

I'd live like a Hollywood moviestar dating hot women n owning houses in lake Como n driving bugattis n lamborghinis and dining at restarunts costing upwards of$50,000 for two n own a private jet n travel the world n party forever!

Posted by 6WqKG0S (27/06/2010)

Im from South africa if i had to win one of these jackpots will b a dream come true i would fulfill every dream i have and my friends will b debt free. All finger's cross.

Posted by O6I_ (28/06/2010)

Parties and friends will be plentyfull if they all know you have won money , but is that what we want? I think i would rather get involved in sharing this money with the poor , and do it through ministry ( i would be the financial silent partner)Imangine all the people you would be able to help , and you would still be able to have a great rewarding life!

Posted by R4I5maO2Z (28/06/2010)

Hi guys,I'd definately spoil my some of my friends by taking them to Brazil's Sau Paulo,Cape Town's Table mountain and also visit Egypt to experience some of the places the bible talks about.All the above places will present us with joy one could only dream about!....are you sure that clip wasn't from a certain movie?,the creativity was out of this world!,well done guys.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (28/06/2010)


Posted by Marek (28/06/2010)

Hi, the add is really cool, after watching it we had a paintball weekend right away. I would use the money the same way with my friends, paintball on exotic islands, racing expensive cars with my friends in the streets of Stockholm and also on racing tracks, visit the Formula 1 in the VIP lounge and go into the Pit Lanes, Travel the worlds most famous places like Monaco, London, Valencia, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, stay at expensive hotels, party all night long. There are numberous ways to spend the money fast. Heck, it would even be difficult to spend so much money anyway. I would definitely let a lot of steam off after winning a huge amount and stop after wasting like maybe 30 mil. Euro. Basically I would take my friends everywhere where we saw the rich people on TV so that we get to taste the life of the rich. Life is short and if you get the possibility you should use it to the max and also make your friends part of it. That is what friends are for, right?

Posted by Gm9KRi (29/06/2010)

Love it, wish I could have been part of this adveert :-)

Posted by OWJeySH (29/06/2010)

I allways said, the first thing I would do with some of the money is to buy a peace of land and help the animal shelter. These animals must never live a hard life again. After that, I would like to pay the bonds on my friends houses, so you know they will always have a place to stay that can't be taken away. Last, but not least, we will have a big party to celebrate the happy event.

Posted by Zvpku (29/06/2010)

Great Ad! If I win, I would take all my friends on a week long fishing trip that they would never forget ... we still need to catch the BIG one! And with that kind of money, you can make sure they have all they need to catch it ... ;)

Posted by 5Uifp (29/06/2010)

Wow now that is what i would love to do.Will rent a training ground and myself and my buddys will have a weekend of paintball day and night games.

Posted by Moutussi (29/06/2010)

first, i would pay off their debts. Then would arrange their trip to the grand canyon. then have a pool party with hooters girls where the limousine chauffeur for our trip would announce my news.

Posted by Moutussi (29/06/2010)

first pay off all friend's debts and help him start his dream business. then take us on round world trip on luxury yacht and private plane. when he returns, present him with new home and car and puppy

Posted by UZ7XEpVL50HOra (30/06/2010)

I would take my friend on a trip to the Bahamas where I could discuss and help them with their important needs. I would also inspire them to play huge lottos if they want to lead happy life like mysel

Posted by Wiseman (1/07/2010)

I would ask my friends to help me set up schools in my 3rd world country of Zimbabwe. There are lots of kids in my country who can not afford a decent education due to the lack of government investment in education

Posted by XDZP (1/07/2010)

Yeah, it would be great to be in a position of such wealth. Awesome time, brainstorming creative ways to spend it. Ah, one life, one life...

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (2/07/2010)

I would take a whole lot of my mates to Nurburgring race track, with any supercar they want and would race the whole day have fun, go out partying private jet limo would be insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (2/07/2010)

Would take my friends to las vegas for a full week of no stop partying first class all the way, then off to germany to race any supercar around Nurburgring race track.

Posted by YXSUG (2/07/2010)

Great ad! Keep up the good work Playhugelottos.

Posted by JjU1lh (2/07/2010)

Would organise a weekend away for myself and four of my friends to make the not suspicious. Organise a brief finance management presentation and give each a million rands afterward.

Posted by Julian (3/07/2010)

I would actually make a home for (oldage ) for all those person‘s and make them stay there and so I can make them my best friends in my life my Granny you eus to say If you get some big money please open an home fortheage from JULIAN

Posted by Percivell (4/07/2010)

Saw the action movie. If I win jackpot, will call my friends (football team) & take a chartered flight visit Las Vegas, Bahamas, Exoctic Islands, Monoco,Valencia, Paris, Hong Kong, Mumbai & Switzerland. Do what you want. I will buy a flat or a Villa in all the places & keep one each in a flat or Villa with 3 females for house keeping. I will shift each one of them every 3 months. First of all I will organize a finance management to take care of my real estate & banking investments. Give all my friends enough money so that every body will be happy with their families. Hip hip Hurraiah.

Posted by Ak (5/07/2010)

I would buy a desserted island and build many houses there. Some of my houses will be for my friends and every other house will be for prostitutes and me and my friends will enjoy the stay there night and day.

Posted by GBFQ3 (5/07/2010)


Posted by MwCg (6/07/2010)

I would take my friends on a golf vacation. Firstly I will arrange a meeting at one of the finest Golf courses, where there will be a few pros waiting with top of the range golf equipment. They then can choose the golfing gear they always wanted. Then the best trainers I can get will help us to master our new equipment and accompany us through a round of golf. Then we will get on a plane to go and watch the top players of the game and meet them in person, players like Tiger, Ernie, Phil Steve, etc and play a round with them. Then we will return home, all of them dept free, and with the opportunity to start a business of their own...

Posted by H6Rzae (6/07/2010)

First group will be treated to an international adventure race and second group will be invited to a villa in Greece / Italy / Zanzibar....

Posted by KcF2m_ (6/07/2010)

If I won, I would get my closest friends together and our partners and I would write down the numbers 1-6 and then choose 6 destinations around the world. We would all then meet at the airport, take out a dice and roll it. Whatever number it lands on, thats where we go and we do that once a week till we have been to all the places we wrote down!

Posted by Harry (6/07/2010)

The most astonishing commercial I have ever seen. It plays out my dream fantasy perfectly when I am fortunate enough to crack the EuroMillions code. The advertisement depicts the perfect script of a Euromillions winner and anything is possible.

Posted by Saransh (7/07/2010)

I would direct a blockbuster called 'Millionaire's Avatar'. The punchline would be 'lotto was our motto'. I would create a real pandora than a fake virtual one. All my friends will be a part of the movie alongside hotshots of Hollywood.. and enjoy the real paradise. It will be shot in the Island showing that if you have the money.. you have the Millionaire's Avatar.

Posted by HmuDw9 (7/07/2010)

Most of my friend dont have computers i will buy each and everyone a computer pay for there internet that they also enjoy playing US lotterie EuroMillions

Posted by Soo Jung (8/07/2010)

I've been getting into ice skating recently but it's such an expensive pasttime, if I win the lotto I would make my own synthetic ice rink and invite all my frieneds for a skating party

Posted by Andrew (8/07/2010)

With a big SuperEna win I would love to settle all my friends&families' mortgages, help those who don't have their own place, and offer the kids a chance to go to University debt-free. Great Video!

Posted by LqC5IJ (8/07/2010)

I would help my friends with their money troubles and then I would ask them where they would like to travel in the world. Then the few months of party begins in each country.

Posted by DpUca2zlWBPqnUu (13/07/2010)

I would have a big party for all my freinds and then I will share with them the winnings so they can do with it as they please

Posted by Andrej (13/07/2010)

Hmmm organise a concert for relativ. and friends inviting some of the biggest legends from varius music geners. But this will be when I will be veeeery rich. Until then I would help everyday people!

Posted by Moutussi (14/07/2010)

buy us both a 20 million dollar ticket to hang out at international space station or if it shuts before that, then a virgin space flight at least.

Posted by Oleksandr (15/07/2010)

Idea great, collect all loyal friends For party, entertainment etc Life runs, discussion under a ban We need meet often how football fans Maybe paintball, maybe sweepstakes A luxury yacht fly on the waves Maybe Las Vegas endless nights Caribbean Sea like biggest club Sunset, Martini from a bath Headache become cruel payment Boredom apear, exhaustion on face One month, two months, regret too late Senseless world tour eclipse feelings In fact we have a mental ill Mission impossible, you guys will see Standart decision not for me My dream is be a famous man Like Celentano, Johnny Depp Best way take part in movie grand Actors are need for yellow press Fantastic world with twinkling lights It mesmerize, It hypnotize Magical Hollywood inside Perhaps to see that more excite Stage one: we need huge money fund It is very simple: all friends must Take entry, win together draws And where? On Some people tell us: you are all fools You need dive into coldest pool I like more samples of real tycoons Unusual solutions for successful route Stage two: I quickly write screenplay Fun story for the current days Money is not real, an idea just Fantastic cause main role is mine Of course, my friends not actors yet No matter what for pleasure take Short scenes: drink wine, wash glass, feed pets Okey, because they are real men Stage three: we hire Steven Spielberg Price does not matter, nonsence, yes James Cameron or George Lucas Can make unique movie for us Experience, imagination, fad Nobody knows better sence We have success without shame Grand masters keeps awards torrent Stage four: soundtrack for music charts Singers gives advertising fast Celine Dion, Paula Abdul, Sade Pleasure of spectators in the air Bright melody from Elton John I write lyrics for him alone Efforts makes wonder on a top Album work up status is folk Stage five: We are the champions now Admirers alway want autograph Oprah calls for meeting either Sylvester Stallone tell me brother Champagne, waiters and limousine Red carpet, highlights, women`s scream Brat Pitt, George Clooney, Belmondo We meet together for applause This is my project, for future plan I always dream without ban Huge challenge gives a feelings mixed I hope my friends will be pleased

Posted by DIAzfnE1wu (18/07/2010)

Some very great ideas indeed no doubt. Friends and family are great and spoiling them when we have the means to is even more great. Especially if they were around when we basically had nothing. Dont forget. With great money comes GREAT fake people as well. With money comes power and with that a great responsibility. One most of us THINK we ready to accept and handle. Yes ski trips and trips to table mountain etc are is an AWESOME idea to spoil our friends and family. but by doing that all we are really doing is continuing the cycle of poverty. Think about it carefully. If a friend was to all of a sudden win such a windfall and start spoiling me rotten as hard as it may be to admit, i will end up becoming lazy and everytime money runs out i'll expect my rich friend to bail me out. What happens when the friends money runs out?? What then? I was used to expecting handouts and suddenly that stops?? Adjusting is easier said than done. You might be thinking ya well you should have been working in the first place. Well very much true. Buts lets be real now. Say one was working and my friend happened to win this LUDACRIS amount of money and invited me on a trip around the world. I ask my boss for unpaid leave and it gets denied. Bummed as i am i then start doing what all of us would do. Weighing my options. Party around the world with a good mate, babes, sun, surf and free flowing crystale or sit behind a desk and make an already rich boss even more richer while i do all the hard work whilst he plays golf with his even more richer buddies. O HELL TO THA NO WILL I STAY BEHIND. None of you either would pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity to eat foods you cant even pronounce or drink alcohol you that actually walks(Johnny walker and the likes lol) not all of us can afford $200 or R1200+ bottles of booze without thinking eish there goes the months grocery. So you leave and both party it up. Your friend becomes irresponsible with the money. IT HAPPENS! The money runs out. You left with no job and no money. All your friends other friends start disappearing just like his money. You do too, not because you dont value him as a friend anymore but because you need to find your bum a job. O trust me. No boss will keep your job whist you disappear for months partying it up. You get back and are first greeted with an eviction notice. Your landlord tells you No money=too funny and before you know it you on the streets eating peoples leftovers outta dustbins. Jobs arent easy to come by. In a perfect world MAYBE!! NO LETS BREAK THE CYCLE. You hear of too many stories on the net. Someone wins big and after a coupla years, they lose big. Some even after a mere couple of months. It happens. Personally if i would be lucky enough to win i would do something worthwhile that would make me all warm and fuzzy iside, almost like chewing on a green fizzer sweetie. Now im not trying to be a goody too shoes. Lol im far from it. What i AM though is a realist. Spoiling friends and family seems like a good gesture and yes it is BUT in the long run you doing them more harm than good. Seriously think about it. Dont forget. They didnt earn the money. And neither did you. Remember not everyone is a part of your family or friends circle. There are alot of good people out there as well. Under privilaged good people. I would take 65% of my winnings and open up an education trust and name each trust after each and every single one my friends and family. You probably asking where is the reward in that?? Well for every 100 children each trust educates i will give the person whom i named the trust after an all expenses paid holiday for 3weeks to ANY destination of their choice with their families! Not only will they be getting the holiday of a lifetime but they would also be starting a legacy for generations to come. NOW THAT IS REAL!!! That is a reward many a man should actually be thinking about. Changing the world one perdon at a time. Dont forget. Give a man a fish and he shall eat today. Teach a man to fish and he shall eat for as long as he is still alive. He in turn shall teach another. That to me is how i would reward my friends and family. THAT IS A REWARD ABOVE MANY REWARDS! Lol i live in South Africa but was able to check the ad out online . Lol awesome ad. Awesomeness baby.

Posted by CQx2Y (20/07/2010)

I would invite my select friends around for a huge party and they must put their names in a hat and they will each win a prize, the prizes would be a car, a holiday, a beach house, payment of their outstanding morgate and many great prizes as well

Posted by RUq+RO (26/07/2010)

I would send my family and friend’s airplane tickets and instructions to take 2 weeks off work and gather at a hanger at the airport. When they arrive I will have Champaign and snacks ready at the entrance of the hanger, after a while everyone will be asked to board the aircraft (I will be playing along). During the flight I will announce that I have won the lottery and I am taking them on an all expenses paid trip. I will have booked an entire beach resort and ass we arrive each of my guests will be greeted with a new luxury car, their own luxury room and a LOT of spending money for their two week stay.

Posted by Collin C (28/07/2010)

At present, I have six friends who have stood with me through the darkest of times. These are the persons who I consider my best friends. This would be my chance to reward them. I know exactly what ea

Posted by Collin C (28/07/2010)

why am i unable to post anything more than 30 words?

Posted by YGo8w (28/07/2010)

Why only one party, we're millionaires aren't we? Well, on the serious side I'd start with a family clan gathering on a tropical island and make sure the mother-in-law's room is close to the diningroom so she'll be distracted. Then I'd send them all off on a cruise and plan the real stuff. I'd get all the close friends together for an planning evening with a few bottles of vintage red wines. Each couple will have opportunity to decide on one trip that'll really inspire them and will get great fun. One off-cuff-idea would be to follow the wildebeest migration in East Africa in hot air balloons, whilst staying in tree houses, sipping champers.... Then we'll all take a month off and do each friends Heart's Desire (very much like the Bucket List movie, without the dying bit). So if 5 couples join you, that'll be 5 thrilling spills + your idea too. The thrill and enjoyment would be in sharing unique and special moments with all your close friends - doing things that you'd never imagine doing.

Posted by Barbara M (28/07/2010)

As an African leaving abroad. I am always asked silly questions by my friends about Africa.Like if there buildings in Africa, if plp sleep in trees and how do africans survive being eaten with so many wild animals around. And so if i won the Euromillions ,I charter a private jet, Fly all my curious friends to Africa. First i would take them to East africa to enjoy the safari and see where the wild animals actually stay.Around the serengeti in Tanzania, Mt kilmajaro,the source of the Nile in Uganda and all the beautiful nature the east has to offer. Then i will fly them to North Africa to the Egyptian Pyramids to show them the intelligence of Africans.The beautiful Morroccan desert,castles , belly dancers and the spice bazaars.Ride on carmels in the desert and stay in luxurious tents. Then i will take them to West Africa, for the real African treat of African traditions.Where most of the Slavery might have started from at the gold coast of Ghana.The real AFrican markets and ofcourse the Blood diamond mines. Then off to south Africa to see the real African kingdoms in swaziland.Game reserves in south africa,gold mines,and yes pinguins too.and the port where Africa was discovered by the outsiders. And finally i will fly them to the sychelles for the true African beaches for a relaxation massage and pampering after all the Advetures.

Posted by NUw (29/07/2010)

That was a great advert, maybe mine will be as good… This will cost a fortune, so here we’re talking about a real mega win, say $250 million or more. As a new mega lottery winner you never have to work again, but all your mates do, so for them to take time off work to help you celebrate has to be rewarding – for them. For just participating in your “mad scheme for fun” your hand picked mates will qualify for a chance to win a cool $1million - each. The overall winner gets a bonus of another $10 million. So this is really lucrative. Let’s pick 10 really good mates and their wives (or girlfriends or partners or significant other), and why stop at $1 million per couple, let’s make it $1 million each person and a final bonus of $10 million for each winning partner (so if they want to kill each other by the end of this, they can just walk away with the money and never look back). The couples are going to be competing in a race similar to the American hit programme “The Amazing Race” but with a twist. While they are competing against each other for the final bonus prize, they will be racing around the world looking for clues that will lead them to their own $1 million prize. The couples will not be following the same route, each couple will be on their own from day one until they either give up or complete the game. They will initially play an elimination game such as an obstacle course involving mud and water and such. The results of this game decides upon the order the couples choose an envelope; the envelope contains all the clues necessary to uncover the couple’s $2 million. Each set of clues leads the couples around the world solving riddles that will eventually lead them to their prize, of course there are two destinations per couple so once they’ve located the first million, they need to decide if they should continue on for the second million or cut their journey short and go for a single bonus prize of $10 million. The couples will be heading around the world in all different directions; the clues they hold are all individual, leading to individual prizes. This way the couples will have no idea how far their competitors are away from their own prizes and a chance at the bonus prizes. The final clue to finding the $1 million prize is a coded message that can only be decoded once all the clues have been found. The interim clues are simply words taken from everyday signage and their letters placed in the final clue in a specific order. As an example, opposite my home is a guest house. The name of the guest house is the name of the owner and that is the word to be retrieved. The letters of the owner’s name (there are four of them) are used to populate the sentence that makes up the final clue, such that the first letter of the owners name is used in the first place of the first word of the coded message, the second letter in the second place of the second word, the third letter in the third place of the third word and so on. Once all the clues are retrieved there will be a jumble of letters that make no sense at all until the decoding key is supplied, this will be the last clue retrieved and will allow the sentence to be decoded. Once decoded, the sentence will lead to the $1 million (actually, a redeemable slip for $1 million, I wouldn’t want to leave the money lying around). After retrieving the $1 million there will be an option to go straight for one bonus of $10 million and end there or continue on for the second $1 million and finally a chance at the $20 million bonus. Clues along the way will be in places where signage can be found, i.e. populated areas (some may be urban, others suburban and some rural). The hiding place for the $1 million prizes would be in such places as the Pyramids in Egypt, Ayers Rock / Uluru in Australia, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Cango caves in South Africa, the Great Wall of China, and so on. Each couple would be free to travel anywhere in the world, by any means possible and stay in any accommodation they liked, but to add to their woes, the cost of the travel and accommodation would be deducted from their prize money, so they must balance luxury and speed against economy. The final bonus prizes would be considerable distances apart, maybe diametrically opposite places on the earth, perhaps the North Pole and South Pole for instance. Winning one bonus prize does not necessarily guarantee winning the other, because the final, final clue would be made available to all who located the hiding place of the first bonus. Of course these bonus clues would be very cryptic and involve further world travel to discover the final destination. Each couple would be accompanied by a complete camera crew who would record the antics of the couples and forward the video via portable satellite link every evening, the result would be edited into a multi episode TV programme and sold to TV stations around the world (hey, why not, I’ve got to recoup some of the money!!) There would be no time limit but speed is all important in winning the bonus prizes, and the longer one takes to find the $1 (or $2) million, the more would have been spent on travel and accommodation etc. My fun would be in watching how my friends compete for their prize(s) and to jet into locations to sidetrack them with parties and other smaller bonus prizes they could choose (or not) to compete for. Although there would be no time limit to finding the prizes there would be an expense limit. As I‘ve already said, the cost of travel and accommodation etc. would be deducted from their final prize money, but some friends might decide to travel the world forever on my expense without ever finding the prize (and maybe never looking for it too) so the limit of all expenses is $1 million per person. So my friends could choose to have a real mega holiday to the tune of $1 million each, or race around the world with a passion and finish up with anything from $0 to $22 million and lot of air miles accumulated.

Posted by (3/08/2010)


Posted by Saransh (3/08/2010)

Thank You so much for the reward. :) God bless Best Regrads Saransh

Posted by Stephen (27/08/2010)

If I won the millions, I will take my three Good friends to Russia for a trip to space for an experience of a life time.

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