Euromillions Winner Claims £25,000,000 Won't Change His Life. Do You Believe Him?

Bolton resident Brian Caswell, who recently raked in a £25,000,000 EuroMillions lottery win claims his life will not change much following his windfall, and that he and his wife Joan would remain in their hometown.

While this is perfectly understandable, and while most of us have a feeling of pride towards our hometown, one can't help but wonder if a small chateau in Courcheval or a luxury pad in Monaco might be on the shopping list. And what does one mean by "stay in our home town" when the temptation to tour the world and see all its wonders loom so closely by? Surely a sojourn in the south of France or a tryst through the majesty of the orient is a temptation any newly-made millionaire can't resist? In what way would your life change were you to rake in one of the massive jackpots on offer at Log in and tell us by posting a comment on this article. The most imaginative comment (entered before the 10th of July 2009) will win a 3 month EuroMillions subscription with us.


Posted by KlZT (1/07/2009)

Life would considerably change for the better, but so too would the lives of the under-priveledged..Travel the world, unravel the mysteries of life, marvel at the wonders and ever be happy in the luxury of life:)

Posted by Werner (1/07/2009)

My life would change by having different experiences on a regular basis, the first being to take a group of friends, get on a provate chartered luxury jet To Meribel in France, and booking into the Aster villa for a two week ski holiday in the French Alps. Nothing but Caviar and fine french champagne, the occasional road trip in a Bugatti Veyron and Bemtly Continental GTC just to keep the blood pumping!

Posted by SB-F8 (2/07/2009)

Quite simple. My bank manager would come and see me, not the other way round.

Posted by Keitumetse L (2/07/2009)

If by miracle i win this money first i win give 10% to my church as thithes,i am from a poor family and relatives also are poor i will improve their lives by building better houses for myself and my relatives the rest of the money i will invest in property not forgetting my boyfriend who we are best friends we will share this fortune together.To tell the truth my life will change, i will travel also.

Posted by -3_JIV (2/07/2009)

yes my personal debt will be settled.but lots of business opportunity in my kind of consolidate the debt which is owed by a person or a falling company under the current recession, pay from my pocket and arrange to get back the capital and legal interest. which way you are helping another human and also you have regular income on a monthly basis. but before i do that i need a good holiday anywhere quite and peacefull.

Posted by Harshall (3/07/2009)

For years together I have deamt of doing something for the underprivileged. I could fullfill my dream of providing education, nutrition, health and a bit to save the nature on earth. There is a lot that can be done. Unfortunately, there is lot of limitation to government money. Maybe, I can do quite a lot by winning the jackpot and in doing so, I can do a bit for myself as well. Regards, harshall

Posted by Ricken (3/07/2009)

Temptations are never ending. Shopping lists will not end.The desire to spend money is very hard to control. There are a lot of things on my mind but the ones talking about are: Education for a lot of children, undertaking the care for a lot of mentally challenged children, a nice car with a chauffeur for my parents. My wife and I would use a lot of this money to help a lot of people as we understand that it will always come back.We have been helped by a lot of friends and family and this is our time to actually treat them.

Posted by Ildefonso (4/07/2009)


Posted by Bnvz (4/07/2009)

The hardest thing about winning the lottery, is keeping your mouth tightly zipped shut

Posted by Gary (6/07/2009)

Wow, if I hit the big one I would buy different classy properties around the world and perhaps spend three months of the year in each one. I would love to travel the world and see everything that kind of money would give me access to, in First Class of course! Oh, and not forgetting, acquiring the latest Sunseeker motor yacht and Aston Martin of my dreams...Wish me luck!!

Posted by ChBy (6/07/2009)

A defining momenty in my lifetime will be when I win a massive jackpot. I wont hold back on anything... I will spend spend spend. My friends and family can all benefit but I will ensure that there's some left over for my children and their children and generations to come. Oh yes... I may be more generous and live the good life but nothing else about me will change. I will still be ME!

Posted by Elizabeth (6/07/2009)

C'mon lets stop kidding around , this is the LOTTERY that i have won and i have to live my life (atleast for afew months) like never before! 10% automatically goes to tithe and the rest 10% will be to do as my heart and mind tells me. I will change lives (friends and family) as this will give me so much joy to see the hapiness in their lives. SHOP till i drop, travel first class to places i have had my heart and eyes set on,dine in the best place.I believe i have to do these things so that i can acustom myself to the new life that i will have acquired after all am not playing the lottery to make my life better, i want to make it a WHOLE lot better!

Posted by TkM2i (7/07/2009)

I will be affirmed! Then I will clean-out poverty smell in all my systems (ie., mental. physical, emotional, & spiritual). Live my life to fullest of my wealth. I will make life financial easier for the needy communities. For the first time i will have my own affiliate Playukinternet program to afford other people a chance to be rich also.

Posted by 5Uifp (8/07/2009)

Yes its to much for one person to spend but many people will bennifit from my winnings if God is for it.

Posted by GGN (8/07/2009)

On a personal basis I would travel the world in my new luxury yacht following all the major cricket and rugby events and I would hook up with Al Gore in his battle against global warming on a humanitarian basis.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (8/07/2009)

If i will win,I will give 30% of the money to my state government to improve agriculture in our state.

Posted by Naledi (9/07/2009)

Seriously, everytime i play, i always expect to rake in the massive jackpot of all time because i already have a plan of what i will do with the money,my life will change for the better, firstly before anything, i wil honour God for his blessings, then i start off by buying my dream house and cars,invest part of it in businesses, buy my parents what ever they desire,donate some of the money then after everything,il make sure il leave enough money to travel around the world in 30days, first class all the way, from airplanes to hotels,shopping for anything i want,eating what i desire,travelling around in the most luxurious limo..and the dream leaves forever because once i have invested the money, il be making money each year so il leave a first class life until..

Posted by Jurgen (9/07/2009)

I personally would spend the rest of my life exploring the world, live in quiet comfort, make sure that my family is comfortable for generations to come by investing wisely. Kick-start a foundation for the underprivileged which would need to generate it's own income after a while. Most Importantly - keep on playing EUROMILLIONS ...

Posted by Milton (9/07/2009)

it will depend how much i win , but i guess the first will be rewarding my self and my girlfriend cos we play together, my charity will depend how much i win,most will be giving to underprivileged, schools clinics and orphanages especially in africa.

Posted by Franke (9/07/2009)

Hi I am living in a poor country and a lot of poor and old people will benefit if I win a big Jackpot Franke

Posted by (10/07/2009)


Posted by (13/07/2009)


Posted by F3r8fja (18/07/2009)

10% for charity as giving back to less fortunate is a must, as not everyone is as lucky in life. My family will retire and i will look after them for the remainder of their lives, and the balance, cars ie. Bugatti, penthouses, ie. cape town, parties, ie. Ibiza, will definately be on the cards, not only for me, but i think it needs to be shared with friends for atleast the first year. its there, you have it now, why not enjoy it and give it a good wack!!!

Posted by Jairam (21/07/2009)

First see a doctor for my health, secondly complete my little home, built a big church,continue living simple,stop working harder,and make donation in orphanages, hospital and helping poor people as myself.

Posted by Victor (22/07/2009)

Nothing compares with home... i believe the joy of winning the euro millions is too much to take in,honestly i will be taken with the event itself that makes the winning person experience a wonderful and unique moment of his/her life. so me too i will start to reflect this hapiness on my folks at home first then will try to attract abundance and try to attract hapiness not mysery as big money can easily be a double edged sword as money can change people to bad,i hope money won't change me to bad.

Posted by Pradip Kumar (27/07/2009)

It will be really amazing for me to listen and to see the millions counted with 0's and that 0's will be started with the service for the underpriviledged who has ever imgined the power of 0's. Staying in same hometown with little modifications with living standard the priority will be for the uplift of underpriviledged with good education. With the amount I really want to become humble and to prove what it takes to be hospitable for the poor as I have learnt from Hotel Management.But with that qualification I am serving the effulent one for past 12 years, to break the monotony of service I will start serving the poor with the same attitude.

Posted by BwXrsbI (27/07/2009)

I will go crazy. Shop till I drop, get married to my girlfriend and give her a wedding and honeymoon she will never forget. I will spend money on my friends and family and enjoy the rest if there is any left. My advice to others would be to take a chance and buy a lottery ticket. Even if you do not win, at least you've got a chance.

Posted by Paweł (17/08/2009)

Jak wygrałbym taką sumkę pieniędzy to moje życie zdecydowanie zmieniłoby się o 360 stopni! Na pewno zwiedziłbym cały świat i żyłbym w luksusie oczywiście wszystkie decyzje podejmowałbym z głową i rozsądkiem.

Posted by Gopinath (22/08/2009)

Euro 150,965,836/=

Posted by Debiprasad (2/09/2009)

i beleive in destiny but sometimes out of craziness man takes up achallenge if oneclicks he can change.

Posted by 2dblcu1tP2S (18/09/2009)

Live comfortably travel write do charity work and start a trust fund to benefit various projects run by charitable organisations such as Rotary

Posted by Peter Nyongesa (24/09/2009)

Travel around the world,enjoy life through exploration,invest in real eastate,stock market, Oil field and start a poor childrens education trust AND MOST DEFINATELY play more euromillions

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