EuroMillions vs EuroJackpot – Become The Ulitmate EuroMillionare!

The EuroMillions lottery and EuroJackpot lottery are without a doubt both huge international lotto games. Both of these European lotto games have been changing the lives of lottery enthusiasts for years. Even though the EuroMillions which launched in February 2004, the EuroJackpot that was launched in 2012 has most definitely become extremely popular. With millions up for grabs in both, which game should you play this week and why?

EuroMillions vs EuroJackpot

EuroMillions vs EuroJackpot – Which lottery is played by more people?

EuroMillions participating countries:

United Kingdom

EuroJackpot participating countries:

The Netherlands
Czech Republic

As you can see, the EuroJackpot has twice as many participating countries as EuroMillions. Of all the participating countries, the only country that takes part in both the EuroMillions and the EuroJackpot is Spain. Spain joined the EuroJackpot starting 30th June 2021.

France, Spain and the UK were the first nations to join the EuroMillions lottery when it started in February 2004, before Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland joined in October 2004.

Just because there are a certain number of participating European countries, it does not imply that only citizens or nationals of these countries are allowed to play. It only means that the tickets are physically only sold in these countries. Therefore, players from anywhere in the world are welcome to participate in the EuroJackpot and EuroMillions lottery.


The first ticket sales for the EuroJackpot went live on March 17th, 2012 and the first-ever EuroJackpot draw took place on March 23rd 2012. The idea was to give countries who weren’t taking part in the EuroMillions the chance to participate in a multinational lottery game. The EuroJackpot is open to 18 countries in total, and it’s fast catching up to its rival.


EuroMillions first launched in February 2004 as a joint lottery across France, Spain and the United Kingdom. The founders wanted to give players even more chances to win big jackpots. Since then, it’s opened up to more countries and people play the game around the world, even online.

How do I play the EuroJackpot?

To play the EuroJackpot you need to choose five numbers from a range of 1 to 50 then two additional numbers, known as Euro numbers, from a range of 1 to 8.
To win the top EuroJackpot prize, you need to match all 7 numbers.

There are a further 11 consolatory prize tiers that could see you win extraordinarily huge prizes.

How To Play EuroMillions?

To play the EuroMillions lottery you need to choose five numbers from a range of 1 to 50 then two additional numbers, known as the Lucky Star numbers, from a range of 1 to 12.

The EuroMillions lottery has 13 prize tiers which you could find yourself in, giving you a very good chance of becoming a EuroMillions prize winner.

EuroMillions and EuroJackpot Jackpots

The EuroMillions and the EuroJackpot offer incredible jackpots. While the EuroJackpot kicks off at €10 million, the EuroMillions on the other hand has a minimum jackpot of €17 million.

Both the EuroMillions and the Eurojackpot, however, increase their top prize rather quickly due to the fact that so many lottery players buy tickets. These rollover increases become larger as the jackpots approach their respective jackpot caps.

The Eurojackpot cap is €90 million, while the EuroMillions cap sits at €230 million.

Biggest EuroJackpot and EuroMillions Winners

The EuroMillions record has now been broken three times in the space of a year!
A French player won €200 million in December 2020 and then a Swiss ticket holder scooped €210 million in February.  

On the 15th October 2021, an extremely lucky EuroMillions Superdraw ticket holder from France became the biggest EuroMillions winner of all time after pocketing a jackpot worth €220 million!

Below are the top 10 biggest EuroMillions jackpot wins:


Prize   Winner
2021-10-15 220,000,000
2021-02-26 210,000,000
2020-12-11 200,000,000
2017-10-06 190,000,000


The biggest ever EuroJackpot win is €90 million, which is the game’s jackpot cap and it can’t roll over any further once it hits this level. The first ticket holder to win €90 million was a Czech player, who matched all five main numbers and two Euro numbers in the draw on Friday 15th May 2015.

When it comes to the EuroJackpot, one of the most dominant countries is Germany. On the 6th January 2017, five lucky ticket holders won a record jackpot of €90 million. Three of those were from Germany.

What time is the EuroMillions draw?

Draw days are every Tuesday and Friday at 7.45 pm and EuroMillions lottery results can be viewed on our EuroMillions results page shortly after the draw.

Sales close an hour before the draw days.

What time is the EuroJackpot draw?

The EuroJackpot draw takes place every Friday in Helsinki. EuroJackpot lottery results can be viewed on our EuroJackpot results page shortly after the draw.
Sales close an hour before the draw days.

What is the chance of winning the EuroMillions or EuroJackpot?

The Eurojackpot has 12 prize tiers and the EuroMillions has 13.
The chance of winning the EuroMillions jackpot is 1 in 139,838,160 compared to 1 in 95,344,200 for EuroJackpot. A format change was announced in October of 2014 in which the range from which players could pick the additional two numbers called the Euro numbers was increased from 1 – 8 to 1 – 10. The wider range resulted in the odds of winning the jackpot reducing from 1:59,325,280 to 1 in 95,344,200. The EuroJackpot offers a top jackpot prize which is the most elusive, but it also offers another 11 different lower-tier prizes and many of these have pretty decent odds. The lower the prize value, the better your chance of winning a prize. To win the jackpot, all 5 main numbers and the 2 Euro numbers should match.

The overall chance of winning a EuroMillions prize is better at 1 in 13 rather than 1 in 26 for EuroJackpot. As EuroMillions draws are held twice a week, there are also more opportunities to enter and win.

The EuroMillions jackpot can keep rolling over until it reaches a maximum value of €90 million.

EuroMillions Superdraws

A big drawcard is a fact that the EuroMillions offers a number of special event draws throughout the year. These event draws are called Superdraws and give lottery enthusiasts the chance to win offers a guaranteed jackpot, regardless of whether or not it was won in the preceding draw. The EuroMillions Superdraw is usually €130 million.

How is the EuroJackpot Lottery different to EuroMillions?

The EuroMillions jackpot cap is €190 million, while the EuroJackpot jackpot cap is €90 million.

The minimum jackpot for EuroMillions is €17 million, while the minimum jackpot for EuroJackpot is €10 million.

Your chances of hitting the EuroJackpot jackpot are 1 in 95,344,200 while your chances of winning EuroMillions is 1 in 139,838,160.

The EuroMillions has 13 prize tiers and the EuroJackpot has 12.

The EuroMillions has two draws per week; Tuesday and Friday, while the EuroJackpot has one draw every Friday.

The EuroMillions has nine participating countries with a combined population of about 217 million people while the EuroJackpot has sixteen eighteen with a total population of around 270 million.

Which is European lottery is better?

Both the EuroMillions and the EuroJackpot have numerous advantages. While the EuroJackpot gives players a better chance of winning the jackpot, the EuroMillions offers a greater chance of winning a prize and has two draws per week; Tuesdays and Fridays. The EuroJackpot has one draw per week on a Friday.

EuroMillions or Eurojackpot – Which should you play?

Both lotteries have their own unique positives. Playing the Eurojackpot gives you better odds of winning the top prize, however, the EuroMillions gives you better odds of winning a prize at all.

Even though the EuroMillions is a bigger lottery in terms of the jackpot size, the EuroJackpot covers a larger population since the number of participating countries are greater for the EuroJackpot and your chance of winning a secondary prize is in your favour.

Both lotteries have huge jackpots, and whichever you play, there are lots of different prizes available.

However, if you’re really stuck between the two, just play both!


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