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Poland is the ninth largest country in Europe with a population of around forty million people. Their main spoken language is Polish and the capital city is the wonderful city of Warsaw. The name ‘Poland’ originates from the word ‘Polanie’ which means ‘those who are living in open fields’.

The popular Pope John Paul II was Polish and so was the famous female scientist Marie Curie and it is rumoured that the bagel originated there. What we also know is that the Polish people like to have a bit of fun when they get home from work and they are very fond of playing the lottery.

Fun can come in small and compact parcels and have recently adopted the diminutive but awesome Poland Mini Lotto into our fold. From little acorns mighty oaks can grow. Playing the mighty Mini Lotto online with can put a nice lump of cash into your bank should you win its fabulous jackpot.

First drawn in Poland in March 1976, this Mini Lotto packs a punch and became very popular locally. Things took off when the internet first graced the world with online sales of Mini Lotto tickets on the up and it gradually became known around the world to many players.

With the demand to play this funky little lotto increasing fast, we at brought it into our armoury of amazing lotteries so our players can have a play of this amazing little lotto game. It’s not expensive and its fun and it’s easy to play with good chances of a win.

Poland Mini Lotto

How is the Poland Mini Lotto played?

To play the Mini Lotto online at, you will have a ticket where you choose five numbers from between one and forty-two and the draw takes place six times a week from Monday to Saturday at 21:30 CET. It is possible to play up to one hour before the draw takes place.

The Poland Mini Lotto jackpot doesn’t get as big as some of the other lotteries because there is a good chance of winning a prize and tickets are not expensive at all and it can be played five times a week. Poland Mini Lotto tickets are available at by clicking on the ‘Mini Lotto’ icon.

There are only three tiers of prizes. All you need to do to win the Mini Lotto jackpot is to match all five winning numbers which is usually around €70,000 in prize money. The second tier prize is normally around €25,000 and the lowest and third tier prize is €5. It is possible that the jackpot can increase depending on ticket sales or it can roll over and it doesn’t have a rollover cap.

You have two choices of how you play the Mini Lotto at with the first being to pick your numbers yourself or the second choice is to use our ‘Quick Pick’ option where your numbers get randomly selected for you with our computerised random number generator.

Where can I find the Poland Mini Lotto results?

To find the draw results of the Mini Lotto you can locate the latest and constantly updated winning numbers online at our Poland Mini Lotto results page.

What are the chances of a player winning the Poland Mini Lotto jackpot?

Your chance of winning the Mini Lotto jackpot is 850,668 to 1 with five winning numbers. The chance of winning the second tier prize with four numbers is 4,598 to 1 and finally your chance of winning the third tier with three numbers is 127 to 1. Listed below are some Poland Mini Lotto draw number statistics.

These are the five most frequently drawn numbers in 4821 draws:

•    Number 28 has been drawn 628 times
•    Number 21 has been drawn 608 times
•    Number 30 has been drawn 606 times
•    Number 17 has been drawn 599 times
•    Number 36 has been drawn 598 times

These are the five less frequently drawn numbers in 4821 draws:

•    Number 25 has been drawn 521 times
•    Number 20 has been drawn 523 times
•    Number 14 has been drawn 537 times
•    Number 42 has been drawn 540 times
•    Number 38 has been drawn 543 times

Good luck when you play this awesome Polish Mini Lotto right here on


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