German Lotto’s Near Record-breaking €42,000,000 Jackpot

German Lotto players will be rejoicing a little louder as there’s a lot more to win on this incredible lotto game. With the latest German Lotto rule changes giving players the chance to win higher jackpots, all eyes are now on the near record-breaking jackpot.

German Lotto

While most European lottery enthusiasts focus their attention more often than not on the EuroMillions, this week the focus is definitely on the German Lotto with its jackpot nearing a record-breaking amount.

Germany Lotto is one of the biggest national lotteries in Europe, with millions of tickets sold every week. Also known as the 6Aus49, which is a reference to its format it guarantees a €1 million starting jackpot. No one has won the jackpot in the current cycle since August 22, 2020. With this in mind plus taking the latest German Lotto rule change into consideration, there is a good chance the jackpot could soon reach the record jackpot prize of €45 million.

German Lotto rules change: Upper jackpot cap rule change

An upper limit for the German Lotto jackpot was updated as of 23 September 2020.  Instead of the jackpot being able to roll over a maximum of 13 times, a maximum of 45 million Euros will apply.
Winning odds will therefore also increase in all prize tiers. This also means, that from 23rd September 2020 German Lotto players can win more millions even with six correct numbers without a super number.

In the second prize tier, more million pay-outs should therefore be possible in the future.

In the lowest prize tier (tier 9) there will be a guaranteed prize amount of 6 euros instead of the previous 5 euro.

New German Lotto Winning plan & Odds:

Prize Tier Profit share Odds of winning Prize
Jackpot 15,00 % 1:139,838,160 €12.585.434.40
6 numbers 15,0 % 1:15,537,573 €1.003.509.30
5 correct + Superzahl 5,2 % 1:542,008 €12.135.40
5 correct 15,5 % 1:60,223 €4019.20
4 correct + Superzahl 4,3 % 1:10,342 €191.10
4 correct 10,2 % 1:1,147 €50.30
3 correct + Superzahl 8,7 % 1:567 €21.20
3 correct 41,1 % 1:63 €11.1
2 correct + Superzahl fixed 1:76 €6

What makes Germany Lotto stand out?

Seasoned online lottery players on PlayEuroMillions will know by now that the EuroMillions has always been a firm favourite due to the odds of winning a prize compared to other international lotto games. With the latest German Lotto rule change, the odds of winning the Germany Lotto jackpot are one in 139 million. To the untrained eye, this might sound like a lot, but they are actually the same odds as EuroMillions.

If we have to compare the German Lotto for argument's sake, you are twice as likely to win German Lotto compared to the American Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots and more than four times as likely to win than the SuperEnalotto jackpot.

Another good reason to play German Lotto is the fact that it has one of the most generous second-tier prize divisions.

How to play for Germany Lotto’s €42,000,000 jackpot

Simply open an account at and pick-six main numbers from a guess range of one to 49 and one additional number, called the Super Number, from a range of zero to 9.

To win the jackpot, all the numbers you chose are required to match the six main German Lotto winning numbers in the draw you purchased entries for as well as the Super Number. Even if your entry ticket makes only a partial match with the numbers drawn, you could still win prizes in any of the other nine prize tiers.

That’s all there is to it.

You can play as many lines as you want for every Lotto6Aus49 draw, either selecting the numbers yourself or opting for the QuickPick, which randomizes the selection for you.

German Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday and the lottery is well known for regularly making millionaires with both its first and second place prizes.

Take a chance of winning this week’s near record-breaking jackpot play the German Lotto online right here at

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