Lucky Things That Could Help Make You A Lottery Millionaire

When it comes to a few ideas that may help you become a lottery millionaire, sometimes it’s better to leave everyday logic behind you and try another direction. Too many people tend to think that maybe they can find the lottery winning formula but end up beating their heads against the proverbial brick wall as winning a lottery jackpot is mainly due to sheer luck. But what if it wasn’t all down to luck? What if there were helpers along the way that could maybe guide you a little? People have looked everywhere for the answer for centuries with certain beliefs that there are some lucky charms that could enhance our lives along the way.

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Whether it is deemed as just superstitious chit chat or nonsense, there could be some merit to keeping out any bad luck by using lucky charms or rituals that increase your good luck and pave the way to happier and more optimistic times ahead. There is no harm in trying and seeing where it may or may not take you. It worked for some of our ancestors in the past so maybe it can work for you by helping you to become a lottery jackpot winner.

1. Finding Lucky coins

As the old saying goes “Find a penny, pick it up, and all that day you’ll have good luck!” is one way of connecting to money that can bring good fortune. It seems most of these rituals originated in China which includes the belief that ‘walking’ on money is a quick way to financial success. They have ‘I-Ching’ coins available that are supposed to bring income and prosperity luck and often given as gifts during weddings or during the Chinese New Year.

2. Growing Lucky plants

They say that money doesn’t grow on trees but we’re not so sure about that. There are many plants that are regarded as lucky such as the four-leaf clover and also Pachira Aquatic which is also known as the Money Tree. Legend has it that a poor farmer used to pray for money then found an odd plant and took it home as an omen. He made money by selling plants he had grown from its seeds. They are usually braided together to form one attractive plant and it is supposed to be good luck especially if they have seven leaves on any stem.

3. Prussian Carp - Goldfish

Throughout many different cultures, goldfish have always been regarded as lucky and in Japan and China, they are associated with the preservation and growth of success and wealth. It is commonly believed that having nine fish in your aquarium is best and to combine eight goldfish and one black one that will symbolise energy, prosperity and good fortune.  

4. Furry dice

Although lotteries are not played with dice, many other games of chance are which is why dice have become a symbol of good luck and fortune. This came about during the Second World War when each and every flight was a gamble and American pilots used to fix the dice on their instrument panel for good luck. Later on, they were connected to the illegal street car racing subculture then as time went on, they became a sign of nostalgia rather than recklessness or rebellion.

5. Presents in Red Envelopes

Giving money as a present inside a red envelope is yet another Chinese ritual where red is believed to be a lucky colour. The colour of the envelope is more significant than the actual money itself as it is supposed to bring both happiness and blessing to the recipient. Although very well known throughout China, this custom hasn’t yet caught on in the West but maybe you should try to put your lottery ticket in a red envelope the next time you buy one and see what may happen.  

6. Various Crystals

Some people believe that crystals can subtly and profoundly change our energy, our health and our aura. Each and every one of them is supposed to have different effects on our lives with some that can draw in wealth and prosperity. The crystals Peridot, Pyrite and Citrine are regarded as the money stones and Green Aventurine is supposed to help those who enjoy games of chance.

7. Lucky Number Seven

Each and every one of us has a favourite number that is close to our heart but the number seven is one number that is considered lucky by most people. It is also one of those numbers that are significant across most religions and cultures. It’s also popular in certain fictional works such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to James Bond 007. All through history the number seven has been associated with the attainment of knowledge, luck and perfection. Make sure you add it as one of your lucky numbers the next time you buy a ticket. You never know.

8. Luck in the Heavens

Often, all we need to do is to look up to feel a bit of luck. Apart from the astonishing beauty of the heavens, there are many things that are believed to be lucky such as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or to be able to wish upon a falling star. Be sure not to waste your wish the next time you see a shooting star streak across the heavens, it may just be your lucky day.

9. The Lucky Horseshoe

Next to the popularity of the lucky four-leaf clover is the next best-known symbols of good luck, the horseshoe. According to legend, the devil approached a blacksmith called Dunstan and requested a new horseshoe. Dustan recognised him for who he was and nailed a horseshoe to the devil’s foot and only let him go after the devil promised to never enter a place that had a horseshoe hanging over the door. Many think it’s best to hang the shoe upside down to allow its powers to spill out.

10. Insects that are Lucky

There are many insects that are considered lucky and should be looked after such as ladybirds, butterflies, crickets, dragonflies, scarabs and many more. These beetles are bearers of good fortune and killing any of them is considered to be bad luck. Many insects are associated with rebirth and transformation and inspire people with their ability to undergo extreme change.

These are just a few well known lucky things that may or may not help you win a lottery jackpot. Don’t be afraid to try anything, you never know, it may just make you a multi-millionaire.

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