BREAKING NEWS! $650M Powerball Plus Superdraw Set For International Lottery Day!

We're excited to celebrate International Lottery Day with a guaranteed $650 million Powerball Plus Superdraw taking place on August 26 - just in time to wake up on International Lottery Day on August 27 as a mega multi-millionaire!

Every lottery player shares the same dream while taking a wild leap and playing the lottery. Why? There’s something about free money that’s extreamly appealing. You play your lucky numbers, cross your fingers, avoid the 13th floor, and generally hope for the best. Then it happens. You win the jackpot and spend the rest of the month searching for the perfect beach house and supercar of your dreams.

$650M Powerball Plus Superdraw Set For International Lottery Day!

Why We Love International Lottery Day

It’s the ultimate lottery fantasy

Ask anyone the standard "If you had three wishes..." question, and see how many times you hear the word "lottery." Winning a mega lottery jackpot is everyone’s dream. After all, all you have to do is pick a few numbers and stand a chance to win $650 million dollars. That's a tough wish to top.

A chance to change the world

Imagine how many lives you could change for the better in a blink of any eye? With $650 million at your disposal, you will have more and enough to make sure your family is set for life. Once that’s sorted, you could also donate to a charity that means a lot to you. It’s a good feeling and definitely something you will treasure for the rest of your life.


Just considering a mega jackpot might force you to start assessing what you really want out of life. With millions at your disposal, you could literally do anything.

$650M Powerball Plus Superdraw Set For International Lottery Day!

The 5 biggest U.S. lottery jackpots

$1.586 billion US Powerball (2016)

A total of three winning tickets split the largest-ever jackpot — making each winner worth more than $528.8 million. The winners came from California, Florida, and Tennessee.

$1.537 billion Mega Millions (2018)

The lucky winner lives in South Carolina, one of only a handful of states where you can choose to remain anonymous and still claim your winnings. She did not come forward to claim the cash prize until March 4, just a handful of weeks before the deadline to claim. She did take advantage of the option to remain anonymous, asking through her lawyer for that decision to be respected. As for the other decision of whether to take the annuity or the one-time lump-sum payment, the winner went for the cash payment of nearly $878,000,000.

$768 million US Powerball (2019)

Winner Manuel Franco purchased his Powerball ticket at a Wisconsin gas station. His reaction? "I was going insane," Franco said. "My heart started racing. I screamed for about 5 or 10 minutes." He chose the lump-sum payment of $477 million. Franco is just 24 years old.

$758.7 million (2017)

Mavis Wanczyk won the jackpot and immediately quit her hospital job after working for 32 years.

$688 million (2018)

Two lucky players shared the jackpot. A New York City man named Robert Bailey claimed half — vowing afterwards to remain a lottery player. The other half went to Lerynne West. She told lottery officials that she had misplaced her ticket but eventually discovered it on the floor of her sister's truck.

Powerball Plus

With the US Powerball Plus Superdraw giving you the chance to join the ranks of the biggest lottery jackpot winners, now is time to make sure you drop everything and buy a Powerball Plus lottery ticket right here at!

The Powerball Plus lottery is an exciting version of the US Powerball lottery. It’s played just like the American Powerball, with the only difference being that it offers much larger jackpots.

As part of the International Lottery Day celebrations, the Powerball Plus jackpot will be a massive US $650 million.

How to buy Powerball Plus tickets online

Like the game you’ve come to love, Powerball Plus is the bigger version of Powerball. It’s the game you’ve come to know but with jackpots that will make you double-check the grand prize! Why? Because they’re massive!

If you want to wake a multimillionaire on International Lottery Day, you will need to play the Powerball Plus lottery on by following these easy steps:

  • Log into your account. If you do not have an account, you can register one today and make sure you too are part of this amazing draw.
  • Using our various payment options, deposit funds into your account and you’re ready to play the Powerball Plus lottery.
  • Select five (5) numbers from a possible 69 (white numbers).
  • Select one (1) number from a possible 26 (red ‘powerballs’).

If all six numbers you played match those drawn on the day, you will win the massive $650 million jackpot!

Play the Powerball Plus lottery with and stand a chance to wake up as a multimillionaire this International Lottery Day.

After all, what better day to try our luck to make our dreams come true? Who knows what wonderful lifestyle awaits you just over the horizon?

Get your entries for US Powerball Plus Superdraw NOW for the chance to win a mind-blowing $650 million!

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