£101m EuroMillions Winners Robbed In Their Luxury Home

Back in 2011, David and Angela Dawes hit the EuroMillions lottery jackpot worth a whopping £101 million. They became Britain's seventh biggest winners after landing £101million. The couple were recently targeted in their £4 million luxury home and became victims to a burglary.

David and Angela Dawes The EuroMillions winners purchased their palatial home six months after winning the jackpot. According to sources the home had previously been owned by non-other than Tom Jones where the star lived with Engelbert Humperdinck in the 1960s. They threw wild parties there with celebs of the time such as US singer Janis Joplin and Jean Shrimpton, often considered the world’s first supermodel.

The EuroMillions winners were Britain’s fifth-biggest winners and gave £1million each to around 20 close friends and relatives. They also set up a charity, got married and splashed out on a Rolls-Royce, holidays and designer clothes.

Details of the horrific incident emerged after the couple applied for planning to install security cameras.

According to the EuroMillions winners, Dawes, 56, and Angela Dawes, 52, they were bound up with cable ties and hit during a robbery on their luxury mansion. The robbers also hit Mr Dawes in the face.

The robbers made off with approximately £20,000 in cash as well as jewellery and a Range Rover - which was found burnt out in the district.

The EuroMillions winners revealed what had happened when they applied for planning to get permission for seven CCTV columns.

Plans submitted to Rother district council detailed the newly installed high tech security measures, including thermal imaging cameras and speakers to deliver warnings to intruders. David and Angela cited a “burglary at the property” as the reason for wanting the extra pair of eyes.

Three men were arrested following the burglary but were released without charge.

Police said the case had been dropped due to a lack of evidence.

David and Angela Dawes home

In 2017 the couple were forced to go to court when Mr Dawes' son, an Afghanistan veteran, Michael Dawes, 32, said his father was 'ungenerous in spirit' after he had cut him out of the will.

A judge ruled at Central London County Court that millionaire father did not need to keep bailing out his son, who burnt through £1.6million in two years and came back for more, failing to heed his stepmother's advice to stop eating at the Ritz and go to McDonald's instead.

He comprehensively dismissed Michael and partner James Beedle's claim, ruling: 'There was no basis on which any rational or normal human being could conclude that they could go back for more money whenever they wanted.'

Latest EuroMillions lottery results

The winning EuroMillions lottery numbers for the draw that took place on the 7th June 2020 are 5 – 11 – 17 – 24 - 37 with Lucky Star numbers 3 and 6.

Friday night’s EuroMillions draw (5 June 2020) gave lottery enthusiasts the chance of winning a €28 million jackpot prize, which had the potential to turn any player who was lucky enough to match all the EuroMillions winning lottery numbers into an instant multimillionaire.

However, it resulted in another rollover increasing the jackpot even further, giving more reason to make sure that you get your entries placed into this Tuesday’s draw.

Let’s have a look at how the latest game performed in Friday’s draw:

Winning a jackpot prize of as much as €28 million would be a dream come true for any players, who would no doubt welcome it with open arms.  With a jackpot prize this mind-blowing, it’s clear why the EuroMillions is one of the biggest lottery games in the world. 

There were, unfortunately, no players who could step up and match all of the numbers required to claim the jackpot prize, leaving the top tier jackpot tier empty.

The three players in the second-tier kicked off the winnings, making up for the fact that there were no players who could snatch up the main prize.  Each of these players walked away with their guaranteed winnings on a very impressive € 211,081.70 for matching all five main EuroMillions winning numbers as well as one of the Star balls.

In the third prize tier, as many as eleven EuroMillions ticket holders were lucky in matching five numbers drawn, allowing them to claim their prize of a high €13,454.50.

EuroMillions rolls up to €37 million

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