Man Who Saved Police Officer's Life Wins The EuroMillions

Anthony Canty, who is an essential worker in the UK, has been having quite the time of it recently. He’s been working non-stop throughout the CoVid-19 outbreak, maintaining the water quality for hospitals and care homes in central London. He also saved a policeman's life and then went on to become an instant millionaire thanks to buying a EuroMillions lottery ticket.

EuroMillions £1m joy for hero essential worker

A few weeks before becoming an instant millionaire, Anthony was on the bus going home from Witham train station to Maldon. Travelling on the same bus, a policeman who had also just finished his shift collapsed.

Anthony said the policeman, who regularly gets the same bus fell straight into my lap. Although he got quite a shock and had never been in that particular situation before, he went straight into action as he had first aid training.

He said he rang the bell to stop the bus and gave the officer CPR with the help of the 999 operator.

The police officer was airlifted to hospital and spent five days in intensive care.

Anthony told lottery officials that he stayed in touch with the officer's partner while he was in hospital and dropped off fruit and flowers and kept in contact after he recovered.

During one of his visits, Anthony told the police officer about his lottery win. The officer responded saying, 'Good karma happens to good people.” He went on to say that he was forever grateful as if it weren't for Anthony he wouldn't be here today.

Good karma happens to good people

Anthony discovered that karma had given him a EuroMillions win when he was on the 6.30am train heading into London for work.

While on the 6.29 train from Whitton to London he double-checked the winning EuroMillions lottery numbers. Realising that he must have won a substantial prize he phoned his wife.
I said "I think I've won the lottery," she said, "don't lie to me". I said, "nah I'm being serious I think I've one £100,000". She phoned me back and said "No Anthony you've won £1million. You better come home.”

Anthony Canty's dog, EuroMillions winner Anthony Canty

Anthony called his work and explained the situation to them then headed home for a morning celebration while their neighbours looked on in bemusement.

“The night before we discovered the win, we’d just bought one of our neighbour’s miniature Dachshund puppies for our daughter, so when they saw us in the garden with a glass of Prosecco at 9am, they joked that we were a bit over-excited about the new arrival”, said Anthony.

Katie and Anthony, their two kids, and a brand new arrival, ‘Lucky Lola’ the dog. The lucky couple told lottery officials that they are planning on taking their daughters to Disneyland and that they might buy a new house. They’re also going to save to make sure the girls are financially secure.

But there’s one thing Anthony won’t be changing. He said, “I do know that I’m not giving up work; I like it and I’m proud of what we do, so I’m definitely not giving that up.”

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