13 Reasons Why So Many People Love To Play The Lottery Online

There are countless advantages to playing the lottery online. The main reason is that it’s impossible to hop on a plane to buy lottery tickets in every country – which is why playing the biggest international lotto games are literally at your fingertips online.

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Here are 13 reasons why you should play the lottery online to win millions:

1. First on the list is the fact that you don’t need to leave your home to enter the world’s biggest lotteries from all over the globe. All you have to do is register on PlayEuroMillions.com, log in and enter your lucky numbers. Registration is free and necessary as in the event of a substantial win, you will receive a telephone call informing you of the win.

2. By playing the lottery online you will be able to keep track of all your entries. This means that not only will you be able to budget correctly but you will also be able to replay entries with a click of a button.

3. PlayEuroMillions allows you to buy lottery bundles. This means that you will receive a huge discount for bulk entries.

There are 3 types of bundles available on PlayEuroMillions.com:

  • Standard Bundle
  • Big 5 Bundle
  • Super 7 Bundle

The Standard Bundle allows you to play all draws for all lotteries over a week, a month, 3 months, 6 months or a year with one click. It’s important to note that entries in this game option are Quickpicks over the chosen period.

The Big 5 Bundle allow you to play the top 5 lotteries in the world with just a click of a button. You’ll get to play the US Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, SuperEnaMax and the Eurojackpot.

The Super 7 Bundle allows you to select your favourite 7 lotteries to play.

4. You cannot lose your ticket. One of the most unfortunate things about buying lottery tickets at the corner store is the fact that so many players end up losing or misplacing their lottery tickets. For those who have kept up to date with our lottery news articles, you will know that there have been numerous occasions where we have written about players who have accidentally done their laundry only to realise that they forget their lottery tickets in their pocket and the ticket became an unreadable lump of paper pulp.

5. Purchasing tickets online also allows you to not only pay for tickets using your credit card but offers you a huge selection of convenient payment methods to suit just about every region!

7. A large variety of games. Playing online gives you the choice of all the biggest lotteries in the world but players can also take part in the most popular raffles too. On top of all this, there are a variety of instant win games, scratch cards and Keno.

Brick and mortar stores can’t carry lottery tickets from every country in the world, while PlayEuroMillions can sell tickets from a variety of international lotteries online.

8. Stay informed. PlayEuroMillions players are kept informed about the latest lottery news and announcements around the world in the news section. Players can also get the best lottery tips which will hopefully give them the edge to win a prize.
9. Privacy is a top priority for us. PlayEuroMillions keeps the personal information of all our players safe. How often you play, the numbers you choose to play, or how much you spend, is your business.
10. Proving that the winning ticket is, in fact, yours. With online play, your online receipt and online account are all the proof you need.

11. Not only can you play via desktop but you can also enter the best lotteries on your smartphone. This gives you the freedom to play anywhere. The fact that registered players will be reminded via text ensures that you will never miss another draw again! 

12. Our players are also privy to various bonus incentives. These include a Welcome Bonus immediately after registering and buying an entry into any lottery on the site as well as buy get offers, discounts, free entries and access to our loyalty programme.

13. Play for free when referring a friend. Every time a friend signs up we will credit you with free tickets.
With all these benefits and more, why would you not play online?

Say goodbye to your vendor and say hello to PlayEuroMillions.com!

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