How to Pop Champagne Like A Lottery Jackpot Winner

Champagne makes any gathering instantly more festive, especially if you’re celebrating a lottery jackpot win! In this article, we not only look at the best lottery champagne moments but we will also teach you how to pop Champagne like a lottery jackpot winner.

how to pop champagne like a lottery jackpot winner Winning the jackpot is a momentous occasion and there’s nothing better than finally popping that bottle of Champagne on a grass lawn. The euphoria that comes from doing so, while the media takes pictures just cements the notion that all your dreams are about to come true.

It’s for this reason that you need to pop the cork right because without the proper spray of Champagne at the photoshoot it just wouldn’t feel the same.

How to Pop Champagne lottery-style

It’s possible that Champagne is more fun to open than it is to drink.

We’ve put together a few dramatic ways to open Champagne when you win the jackpot:

Shake it!

To ensure that you create a fabulous supernova we suggest that you pop the cork, then place your thumb over the top of the bottle. Next, shake the bottle, face the cameras and tilt the bottle at a 45-degree angle to create the perfect arc.




Open the bottle with a sword

Seeing as though you have been dreaming of winning the lottery for some time, you might as well do it in style by opening the bottle of champagne with a sword!

This technique is also known as “sabering” or “sabrage.” Teaching yourself to "behead" a bottle of Champagne isn't hard, but takes a little practice (and several bottles of cheap bubbly) to get it just right.

Champagne bottle To get this technique right, you will need to understand the nature of a glass Champagne bottle and know that the key to opening a Champagne bottle with a sword is the pressure in the bottle.

Due to how Champagne is packaged, the carbon dioxide creates roughly 35 pounds of force pushing against the cork. This plus the fact that glass is brittle means that it breaks instead of bending when it is damaged. Therefore, by scoring the surface of the glass bottle, it will cause it to crack, and the force inside will cause the collar of the bottle and the cork to fly off.

Most likely, you will not get it right the first time you try, so it’s in your best interest to buy a few bottles of cheap sparkling wine to practice on.

Something to take into consideration when you do win the jackpot and you decide to dump the sparkling wine for French or Spanish Champagne is that these bottles tend to come in thicker bottles than American Champagne.

Although you will be spending a lot more (and can afford to) you will happy to know that thicker glass works better than thin! 

Once you have your bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne, you will need to chill it, as the colder the neck of the bottle is, the better.

Be very careful not to shake the Champagne and don’t chill it in the freezer, as the bottle could explode and you will ruin the flavour.

Your next step will be to get a sword. It doesn’t have to be sharp.

The best swords for sabrage are thick and sturdy. The sides should be as flat (parallel to each other) as possible.
Find an open space. This trick is going to create flying objects and spill Champagne.

Wipe away any moisture on the bottle. Remove the foil and wire basket and keep your thumb over the cork as you do this. There is a chance that simply removing the wire will cause the cork to fly out.

Find one of the seams on the bottle. This is where the two halves of the bottle join together and it’s the weakest part of the bottle. It’s here that you are going to focus your attention.

Hold the bottle at a 30-degree angle with the seam facing upwards. The cork should be higher than the bottom of the bottle. Be sure to point the cork in a direction where it will not hit anyone or anything.

Grip the bottle firmly at the base. Put all of your fingers except your thumb beneath the bottle (on the opposite side from the seam) out of the way of the sword. The bottle should rest on your fingers while your thumb stabilizes it.

Next, place your thumb in the indentation at the bottom of the bottle. This will stabilize the bottle.

Rest the blade of the sword on the neck of the bottle. The dull edge of the blade should face the cork. Hold the blade flat against the bottle.

Locate the ring around the top, which you will be aiming for with the back of the sword.

Slide the knife down the vertical seam and hit the ring using a single firm, confident stroke. The bottle should break cleanly and the cork should go flying.

Using a glass

This is an all-in-one-package deal and one every Champagne drinker will love. Use the glass you’re going to drink from to pop the top off your celebratory bottle of Champagne.
This one’s also a great party trick you can pull off the same way you did using a sword.

Lottery winners popping Champagne

Unless you are record-breaking Euromillions winner Adrian Bayford, who prefers celebrating with Dominos pizza, then it’s expected that a bottle of bubbly feature in the lotto winning celebrations.

Nothing says “I’m King of the World” more so than a bottle of Champagne being sprayed in joyous celebration, whether it's on the podium for a Grand Prix victory or in a photoshoot for a lottery win.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Champagne moments from lotto winners around the world:

Nigel Page popping champagne

Nigel Page

Nigel Page and partner Justine Laycock celebrated winning their share of the £56 million pounds on the EuroMillions lottery, in Bath, Avon, south-west England, on February 15, 2010.

Nigel officially became the UK's 980th richest person after the enormous jackpot win.

Dave Dawes popping champagne

Dave and Angela Dawes

David loves drinking a pint of beer but when it comes to celebrating winning an unbelievable £101 million on EuroMillions back in 2011 he opted for a bottle of bubbly instead.

Colin and Chris Weir popping champagne

Colin and Chris Weir

If there’s one lottery jackpot winner who knows exactly how to pop the cork, its Colin Weir.

He and his wife Chris were the biggest lottery winners in Europe at the time of their amazing £161 million jackpot win.

Adrian Bayford popping champagne

Adrian Bayford

From music store to multi-millionaire. That's the start of the story for EuroMillions winner Adrian Bayford, who together with wife Gillian won £148.6 Million (US$191M).

Together they celebrated their life-changing lottery win in the ultimate spray-fest. The couple had every right to smile and spray as they had just taken home the world’s biggest EuroMillions jackpot win ever, a whopping €190 million.

Cassey Carrington popping champagne

Matt and Cassey Topham

Cassey Carrington and her partner were engaged at the time of winning £45 million on EuroMillions. Shortly after winning the lottery the two tied the knot and ensured this loving couple the wedding of their dreams. They built their dream home and travelled the world.
As it’s clear to see, nothing goes together quite like a massive lottery jackpot win and a celebratory bottle of Champagne. But remember, before you can spray, you have to play!

Whether you choose Krug, Dom Perignon, Moet or Piper-Heidsieck, make sure you sit back and enjoy a decadent bottle of Champagne.

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