The Strangest Lotteries In The World

At, we have an amazing array of international lotto games that offer up insane jackpot prizes, but there are a whole host of other lotteries from around the world – some strange and some crazy.

As you have by now realised, we at PlayEuroMillions, pride ourselves on offering our online lottery players the best lotto games out there – but while we do so, after reading this article you will see that there are also some lotteries out there that are properly out there!

Let’s take a look at some of the strangest lotteries in the world. Some of them don’t offer cash prizes but you do get the opportunity to ‘get lucky’ in other ways. While some offer the chance to ‘bring home the bacon’ (literally), some also offer up the chance to, wait for it, get a visit from the pope!

Lotteries have been available since ancient times and people have enjoyed playing the various versions of the game predating Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. Why? Well, that’s easy to answer. It’s a chance to win large sums of money or a prize that you really want.

Lotteries have helped lay the foundations of the Great Wall of China and were also the foundation of Athenian democracy and world history, both east and west, owes much to these amazing lotto games.

While modern lotteries have thankfully been perfected to give lottery players exactly what they want, here are a few lotteries that will either shock you or make you want to buy a ticket:

The Beer Lottery

Imagine tasting a beer that’s so heavenly that you would pay an exorbitant amount of money to taste it again?

Beer Lottery The Citra Double IPA beer goes down smooth with a "surreal blend of crisp dryness and resiny bitterness.” Sounds great but sadly there's not enough of it to go around.

As this amazing beer is so rare, the demand for it is very high. Kern River decided to inaugurate a beer lottery in 2014 to accommodate for the demand. If you won the beer lottery, you would need to pay $54 for a six-pack!
The brewery also states that they won’t ship the beer to you. Instead, you will have to collect the paid for beer in-person way up in the mountains. It's about a two-hour hike to get up there, apparently, and another two hours to get down. If you’re still interested in entering and you are lucky enough to win, we suggest that you take along enough water to drink on the way up and down the mountain. It’s thirty work but someone has to do it.





Bacon Flavoured Lottery Tickets?

Hold onto your hats, we told you things were going to get strange.

Bacon flavoured scratch cards The next lottery that makes onto The Strangest Lotteries in World list, is a scratchcard that smells like bacon!

The Bringing Home The Bacon scratch card was created by the Indiana State Lottery. As bacon lovers scratch to see if they are lucky enough to win a huge prize, the scent of bacon is released while you see if you have won up to $10,000. If the aroma of bacon isn’t strange enough for you, you can also opt to swop the cash prize for a 20-year supply of bacon instead!
Let’s see, we have a beer lottery, a bacon lottery, what could be next? Yes – of course – a sex lottery. No, we’re not joking. There really is a Sex Lottery out there…






The Sex Lottery

Sex Lottery Fancy a dirty weekend in Brighton? Well now you can, thanks to winning a prize consisting of an all-expenses night at a fancy hotel complete with a pole-dancing pole, mirrored ceilings – everything you need for a night of unbridled, if somewhat tacky passion.

The Sex Lottery is the brainchild of dating site Forget Dinner and was launched in the UK in 2014.








The Pope Lottery

Time to pray for forgiveness! Bring on the Pope Lottery!

The Pope Lottery The Vatican City State runs an annual lottery to raise money for charity.

In 2017 a Raffle took place to stand a chance to win a white Lamborghini Huracán with gold stripes signed by Pope Francis.

Another lottery with the Pope in mind took place in America. With Catholics making up close to a quarter of the US population – 94.4 million people – and all of them wanting to see the Pope when he visited the country, the City of Philadelphia decided to come up with a fair solution by running a special lottery which gives everyone an equal chance of getting to see the Pope.

The Speed Camera Lottery

While we all willingly enter a lottery, the next strange lottery has everyone entered, whether you like it or not.

To combat speeding in Sweden, the Government found a novel approach to combat speeding in the city of Stockholm - by turning it into a lottery.

Cameras don't just snap the registration plates of speeders, they take pictures of all the drivers. Everyone who abides by the speed gets entered into a lottery where you can win big cash prizes.

The best part is, the lottery is funded by the proceeds coming from other drivers' speeding tickets.

The Speed Camera Lottery reduced speeding by 22%.

The Invoice Lottery

In order to promote business transparency and accounting compliance, the Polish government introduced a receipt lottery.

The lottery works with entrants registering their invoices for a minimum of ten Polish zlotys, giving them the chance to win prizes including cars and electronics such as laptops and tablet computers.

While there are people that dream of winning huge jackpots like this weeks €184 million SuperEnalotto or the massive $180 million on the US Powerball, there are also people who dream of simply winning beer. At the end of the day, playing the lottery is meant to be fun!

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