Is Brexit Going To Affect The EuroMillions Lottery?

There has been much speculation about the way Brexit will change many things in the UK and amongst the many questions is how Brexit will impact the EuroMillions lottery after the UK leaves the EU.

How will Brexit affect the EuroMillions lottery

Panic has set in with some people thinking it could be the end of their world when the UK is free of its EU obligations. Some believe there will be mass unemployment as they think many manufacturing companies will move out of the UK leaving many people jobless.

Of course this is an unsubstantiated believe that is held, with many people believing the exact opposite will happen. It's a bit of a lottery in that sense as the UK would now be unshackled from EU constraints. It is said by some that the UK now has a new international business platform to work from and can now deal with any country they wish in any way they want without any strict EU interference. New avenue will be explored specifically between the UK and its Commonwealth Partners.

The question on everyone's lips is how these changes will affect playing the European Euromillions lottery. Will people still be able to win massive jackpots post Brexit? Will the game change or remain the same? These are the questions and concerns lottery players have.

As we know, this fabulous European lotto game has built up a huge following all over the UK in recent years and rather a large amount Brits have become millionaires while enjoying playing the game.

Hearing about these concerns, Camelot, who run the UK EuroMillions, responded saying, “all UK residents will be able to continue to play as normal after Brexit.”

Another thing to put you at rest is the fact that players don’t have to live in a participating EU country to purchase a ticket for the EuroMillions Lottery.

We just have to look at Switzerland for instance, that isn’t even in the EU but has been selling EuroMillions tickets since October 2004!

There is a solid agreement made between the UK National Lottery and official operators of the other eight participating countries to run the game.

Camelot went on and said: “To put it simply, the UK’s participation in EuroMillions is based on geographical location and not affected by government decisions”.
That also means a UK citizen living in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg, France or Belgium are still allowed to purchase tickets as per usual either from shops or online.

We hope any fears about eligibility and accessibility to EuroMillions after Brexit have been laid to rest.

The size of the jackpots may alter again since the UK referendum about leaving the EU, jackpot sizes have increased in value for players in the UK.

Again, Camelot say: “This is due to the UK pound crashing against the Euro as a consequence of the uncertainty over the country’s financial future after Brexit. As EuroMillions uses the Euro as its base rate of currency, jackpots must be converted into pounds and Swiss francs on the night of each draw using the current exchange rates. Should the pound sterling be weak in comparison to the Euro, the prize on offer to UK ticket holders is worth more than if the pound is strong.”

It’s almost turned into currency speculation! Before Brexit, a jackpot of €100million (Euros) was worth roughly £73.2million (pounds Sterling) but a few days after the result of the referendum, the very same jackpot was now worth £80.8million (pounds Sterling).

Non-jackpot prizes are picked from a separate prize pool. Each country’s lottery officials make up a kitty from a chunk of ticket sales money provided. This cash is pooled and divided up based on the contributions from players in other currencies.

For example, if the pound Sterling cost of a ticket should be worth less than the Euro equivalent, the lower tier prize value in the UK goes down to compensate for the currency difference. Of course, as value of each currency can fluctuate, players in the UK end up winning bigger non-jackpot prize money when the pound Sterling is stronger.

A spokesman from Camelot continued:  “EuroMillions currently operates across nine European countries and EU membership is not a requirement. For example, EuroMillions operates in Switzerland (a non-EU country). The EuroMillions agreement is between the lottery operators in the nine countries, not the governments.

Camelot is one of the founding members of EuroMillions, along with the French and Spanish lottery operators. In addition, EuroMillions currently operates successfully across three different currencies: Euros, Swiss Francs and pounds Sterling here in the UK”.

We hope this information has helped alleviate any fears about losing the wonderful EuroMillions Lottery in the UK and for online EuroMillions lottery players playing on

When all the crazy Brexit dust has settled, we are all in for some exciting times with massive jackpot prizes making many more millionaires. Everyone will wonder what all the Brexit fuss was about and start planning for new opportunities for everyone.

You can get a head start by jumping the queue now and play EuroMillions online.

Just click on the play button and Bob’s your uncle, you could be the next multi-millionaire jackpot winner.

Good luck and have fun!

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