European Lotteries vs American Lotteries

It's a big world out there, and it’s a world that’s full of lotteries. With the American lotto games taking centre stage over the past couple of weeks, newly registered players might be wondering which lottery is the best in the world. The answer to this is purely up to you.

While some lottery players look at big jackpots, others might be looking at the odds of winning or maybe even having a sentimental feeling towards a particular country and therefore that lotto game. However, with the world’s biggest and best international lotto games all on one site, you may want to hold off answering this question before taking a look at all the online lottery candidates! 

Let’s face it, there are quite a few lotteries in the world, so making up your mind which of these lotto games best suits you can be quite a task. The only way you can make up your mind which lottery best suits you is to go through all the different lotteries around the world and then decide which one best suits you. 

At the end of the day, it’s all subjective really. You can’t really say that an American lottery is better than a European lottery if the games are vastly different from one another.

European lotteries vs American lotteries

American lotteries

Mega Millions

With the Mega Millions being the most recent seriously big jackpot soaring to a mammoth $1.6 billion and coming so close to beating another American lotto game, Powerball, it’s fitting to start here.

What makes Mega Millions similar to Powerball is that they both offer big jackpots that have no cap. This means that both these lotteries can keep rolling over until the jackpot gets won.

For those online American lottery players who have been playing the lottery for a few years, you will remember when the Powerball reached an unprecedented $1.6 billion on January 13, 2016. This incredible jackpot beat the Mega Millions title of the biggest jackpot.

Another similarity with regards to these two mighty American lotto games is that players need to choose five main numbers and one bonus number.

The Mega Millions lottery makes use of 2 separate ball sets. The first ball set contains the "main numbers" for the lottery, and comprises numbers 1 - 70. Players must choose 5 numbers from this ball set. The second ball set contains the Mega Ball and players must choose 1 number from a selection ranging from 1 - 25. To win the jackpot players need to match all 6 lottery numbers drawn!

US Powerball

Had you asked Mega Millions and Powerball lottery players which lotto game was their favourite, they more than likely would have said the Powerball. But, with the Mega Millions also soaring to a near $1.6 billion, you may find that the Mega Millions is now right up there with the Powerball.  

When players enter the US Powerball game, they choose lucky numbers from two sets situated in different drum barrels. The first set contains numbers from 1 to 69, which are all prime numbers. Players need to pick five numbers from this barrel. In the second barrel, players must pick 1 number from the range of 1 to 26. This separate number will be known as the “Powerball” number or the bonus ball.

Just like the Mega Millions, the Powerball lottery also makes use of two machines drawing two sets of numbers. Lottery players need to select 5 numbers from a possible 69 and 1 number from a possible 26. If a player matches all 6 numbers drawn they will win the jackpot!

European lotteries

The two biggest European lotto games are the EuroMillions and the EuroJackpot.


When one thinks of European lotto games, the first one that comes to mind is the EuroMillions. This lotto game was the first to offer Superdraws and with it comes big jackpots. Although, not as big as we’ve seen the two American lotto games soar to over the past couple of years. However, the EuroMillions lottery has still stayed a firm favourite amongst its loyal lottery players. It seems as it’s a case of - once a EuroMillions lottery player, always a EuroMillions lottery player. This might be due to the fact that players need to select 5 main balls like the American lotto games, but they also select two star numbers. These star numbers, however, are only between 1 and 11. Not only is the number ratio less than the 1-25 and 1-26 for the American games, it also means that you can win a substantial prize for matching just one star number.
It is a twice-weekly lottery draw but in a smart move to avoid going head-to-head with the American Powerball, the EuroMillions draws take place on a Tuesday and Friday night from Paris, France rather than the traditional Wednesday and Saturdays of Powerball. EuroMillions has a minimum jackpot amount of €17 million and a €190,000,000 jackpot cap.


The EuroJackpot still continues to draw in more and more lottery players. Based on the EuroMillions, the EuroJackpot was launched with the idea to include other European countries who did not participate in the EuroMillions. The game follows the same rules as the EuroMillions. Jackpots can get pretty large with sums reaching up to the jackpot cap of €90 million.
To play the EuroJackpot, players need to select a total of seven numbers from two different sets. The first set of numbers ranges from 1 to 50. Players pick five numbers from this first pool and two numbers from the second pool. These are called Lucky star numbers.


So there you have it. As you can see, choosing between the European lotto games and the American lotto games comes down to you. As far as we’re concerned, all the lotteries on are absolutely fabulous and picking just one favourite is impossible. So, why not play all of them? That way you get to increase your chance of taking home a jackpot!

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