4 Clever Ways To Winning The EuroMillions Superdraw Online

Find out how you can get ahead of other lottery players, not the game, and how to up your chances of winning huge amounts of cash with the euro lottery online and EuroMillions. Read further to find out more.


With last Friday’s EuroMillions Superdraw rolling over to an even bigger jackpot of €130 million for this Tuesday, giving online lottery players a second chance of scooping the big one, the age-old question here stands unchanged: Is it really possible to up your chances of winning big?

Well, for one thing, the numbers in a lottery draw are drawn at random, and let’s face it, there’s very little difference between the most, and the least picked EuroMillions winning lottery numbers, but there is a way to make sure you up your chances of winning more. All you need is to start picking better numbers! This is because while you can’t increase your chances of winning, you can however increase your chances of winning big at least. Here’s how:

#1 Go big

Far too many EuroMillions lottery players pick their ‘lucky EuroMillions lottery numbers’ based on their birthdays. It’s no surprise really, as most EuroMillions Superdraw players only play when it’s a Superdraw and the jackpots really big. So, not knowing a little more about the game can in fact do them an injustice. What you should be doing is incorporating numbers higher than 31 into your euro lotto line selection – this way not only will you be giving yourself a way better chance of winning the actual jackpot, the chances that you won’t have to share it increases too, as not enough lottery players follow this simple number selection. We just have to look at the EuroMillions winning numbers that came up on January 17, to see that 5 of the 7 numbers were all over 31, and yes, you guessed it – no one won the jackpot. On the other side of the coin, on November 22, all the numbers were under 30 and 4 people won. See where we are going with this?

#2 Go ugly

While there’s absolutely nothing ugly about the lottery, or lottery players for that matter, remember that in general, most people are tempted into spreading out their numbers evenly on their EuroMillions lottery ticket/playblock all picking lovely lines or patterns. Please don’t do this! Go with your instincts and stay away from neatness and patterns. Luck is random, and so too should your number selections in other words. Pick numbers from all over the board – the uglier the better!

#3 Go stupid

While there are quite a few (particularly online lottery players) who love lottery strategies, like hot and cold numbers, overdue and most drawn numbers, and of course lottery wheeling strategies, there’s absolutely no difference to YOUR EuroMillions lottery game strategy is you choose to simply buy a EuroMillions lottery Quickpick.
After writing lottery news articles for over 14 years, I can definitely tell you that the majority of lottery winners, both offline and online, won the jackpot with a Quickpick.

#4 Go online

Playing the lottery online is a no brainer. It’s super convenient, as you can play the world biggest and best international lottery games all in the comfort of your home, office or on the run via your desktop, smartphone or tablet. After all, you on earth wants to stand in a long queue to buy a EuroMillions lottery ticket? Plus, can you for one moment just imagine that queue during a EuroMillions Superdraw. No thank you.

Another super advantage of playing the lottery online, is that you will be automatically notified of the latest lottery winning numbers and any matches you may have had. This feature is especially handy for those online lottery players who buy a load of lotto tickets, and the system double checks them on your behalf. So throw those highlighter’s away folks, we have you covered.

Another feature is that fact that your ticket is safe. Once again there have been way too many stories of lottery winners who have either misplaced their lottery ticket or lost them completely. You will also be shocked when you find out just how many unclaimed winning lottery tickets stay unclaimed.

Rather, be safe, and have the convenience right at your very fingertips. Buy lottery tickets online today and don’t be safe with your numbers, and remember - be random, just like the luck of the draw!

Did you know…

As many of us dream of walking away with the EuroMillions Superjackpot or any other lottery jackpot, the funny thing is many people who actually win only check several things off their bucket list.

Here are a few secrets of past big winners:

1. Most keep their day job (nope, I’ll be in Bora Bora)
2. They keep playing the lottery (obviously)
3. They are tired of people asking them about their win (eventually yes)
4. They still live in the same area as before they won (remember Bora Bora?)

All we can do is hope for the chance to find out if any of these confessions would apply to us if we won. Right now though, we do all have an opportunity to try our luck by making sure we buy a EuroMillions lottery ticket to stand a chance to change our lives forever – and you can bet your bottom Dollar that €138 million will be able to make dreams that I don’t even have yet come true.

With 13 prize tiers, your chance of winning EuroMillions is 1 in 13. Your chance of winning the big jackpot stands at 1 in 139,838,160 and the jackpot rolls over until somebody wins. With odds like that who can resist trying their luck?

To pick numbers simply select 5 numbers between 1-50 and two Lucky Stars from 1-12. Buy as many entries as you can afford and then go to check out, then go about your lives and wait for us to send you your automated EurouMillions results mailer.

For any unique information tailored to your specific region or payment methods please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable Customer Service team available to answer your questions so you can rest easy knowing you'll be taken care of.

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The EuroMillions Superdraw Rollover draw worth a massive €138 million is tonight, so be sure to pick your numbers now!

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