Amazing Houses To Buy If You Win The Lottery

The dream of owning a multimillion dollar home may be a fantasy many online lottery players love to indulge in. With the world’s biggest international lotto games all under one convenient roof right here at and the next EuroMillions jackpot currently soaring to €90 million for this Friday nights draw, you too will probably be asking yourself: How will I spend all that money?

The answer: real estate is one of the smartest ways to spend your lottery winnings and avoid being a lottery horror story.

The rich are only getting richer, and they've got the real estate to prove it.

Open floor plan with sliding glass doors? Or classic architecture with brown bricks? How does your dream home look like? Buying your dream home, is much like playing the lottery online – you want value for your buck and the chance to win enough money to buy extravagant home features. This comes with a price tag –so the bigger the jackpot the better. A life-changing jackpot win can make your dream home a reality. We’ve put together a few luxurious homes for your perusal. Who knows, they may become yours if you win.

Lottery homes

If there was ever a home that came darn close to being an actual palace, this is it. This majestic property worth a whopping $139 million comes with everything a lottery winner has ever wished for when it comes to home comforts, namely an Imax theatre and a 1,300-gallon aquarium.

Lottery homes

One way escape everyone begging you for a free handout, is to buy this $50 million Colorado getaway. The 17,000 square foot mansion sits on Popcorn Lane. (Apt name for a lottery winner seeking a few weeks just watching a few seasons of Netflix, enjoying home based spa treatments, or stargazing – all while munching on your popcorn.

Lottery homes

Ever dreamt of living in a castle, but knowing that Europe’s too cold? Covering a total of 1 000 square metres, the ‘Pezula Castle’ property lies on Knysna’s Noetzie Beach in Cape Town, South Africa.  This truly picturesque home is definitely not a bad way to spend your days watching the water and see if you’re lucky lottery numbers hit the big one yet again….. after all, anything is possible.

Lottery homes

Moving to Mayfair will blow a hole in your budget but because you have just won the EuroMillions jackpot, you don't have to give it a second thought, there will be plenty left for a millionaire lifestyle.  It might be an apartment – but it’s a seriously post one at that – besides, it's the postcode you are paying for here.

This four bedroom duplex apartment is within an award-winning contemporary development with an exclusive address. In total, it has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms and a balcony so you can sip Champagne whilst watching the envious world go by.  Oh the life of a EuroMillions jackpot winner…

Lottery homes

If you’re in the mood for a little history to go along with your luxury, this house is a total stunner. It dates back to 1285, and has had prominent past owners including Sir Henry Peto who was High Sheriff in 1897 and a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Dorset. But you don't have to be a Knight of the Realm to own this country estate, all you have to do is make sure you play the EuroMillions online right here at to give yourself the best possible chance of being a snob for the rest of your life.

Lottery homes

If you are a fan of movies like "The Godfather" and "The Bodyguard” Beverly House, located three blocks from Sunset Boulevard is for you. It sits on six acres of land which includes smaller homes in addition to the Italian- and Spanish-style, H-shaped main house.

It features a 50-foot entry hall, intricately carved ceilings, a large library, wrap-around balcony, billiard room, and family room with an outer terrace that can seat and astonishing 400 people, an art deco night club, wine cellar, two projection rooms and spa facilities.  What better place to celebrate becoming a Euro millionaire!

Lottery homes

For online lottery players who have not only participated in the world’s best international lottery games, but also entered our annual F1 Monaco GP competition at the same time, the opulent and shiny 49-story Tour Odéon, in  Monte Carlo, Monaco, will without a doubt get your pulse racing. The penthouse has been called the most expensive in the world. The 35,500-square-foot apartment is worth $400 million.  With a hefty price tag like this, you will most definitely have to wait for either the US Powerball or the Mega Millions to reach record-breaking heights. Thankfully due to the game changes, lottery players never seem to have to wait too long for these amazing usa lotto games to reach these incredible jackpot heights. The 560-foot skyscraper is the second-tallest building on the Mediterranean skyline and the penthouse features a 360-degree view of the water and access to a circular rooftop infinity pool with a water slide.

Lottery homes

For online EuroMillions lottery players that have read the book, "House of Outrageous Fortune,” will know that the author stated that, Fifteen Central Park West, is the World's Most Powerful Address." Known as "Limestone Jesus" this ultra-luxury condominium is full of the city's most affluent and powerful residents in Manhatten. Hedge fund boss Daniel Loeb, who bought the 10,674-square-foot penthouse at the top of the high-rise for $45 million in 2008 will be just one of your glitzy neighbours. Ohers include, a long list of bankers, celebrities, and assorted bold-faced names, including Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Denzel Washington.

No list of the most expensive homes could ever be complete without mentions the next two luxurious homes.

They are Antilia, a 27-story skyscraper on the pricey Altamount Road in Mumbai, and the ultra-modern palace overlooking Los Angeles.

Lottery homes

Antilia is could cost you anything upwards from $1 billion! So, you will definitely have to single handedly win the US Powerball jackpot when it breaks its own record of $1.6 billion.

Mukesh Ambani, an Indian business tycoon and multibillionaire, moved into the 400,000-square-foot mansion in 2012 with his wife and three children. The modern property was designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins & Will.

Antilia, which was named for a phantom island in the Atlantic, features a multi-storey garage with space for 168 cars, a ballroom, three helipads, gardens, a temple, guest suites, a health level and a home theatre that seats 50.

Lottery homes

The modern gem in LA on the other hand has 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens, six bars, a massage room and spa, fitness centre, two wine-champagne cellars, the most advanced home theatre in any U.S. home, and an 85-foot infinity pool. Instead of a garage, the home has a gleaming white "auto gallery" with 12 of the rarest, fastest and most expensive cars in the world that all come with the house. They include a one-of-a-kind Pagani Huayra that costs more than $2 million; the famous "Von Krieger" 1936 Mercedes 540 K Special Roadster, which is worth more than $15 million; and 10 of the rarest and fastest motorcycles ever built.

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