Warning! Be Aware Of New EuroMillions Scam

EuroMillions lottery enthusiasts are be warned about a new scam doing the rounds…

EuroMillions lottery scam

There’s a new EuroMillions lottery scam that has been doing the rounds this week. It comes via text and reads:

"You have been selected to win €1000 in the Irish Euro Lottery! Click here to win! Hurry, access is limited".

The text claims that recipients have won money in the “Irish Euro Lottery” asks them to click on a link.

The message comes from a sender called 'SMSINFO'.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: "It has been brought to our attention that text messages have been received by members of the public telling them they have won €1,000 from the 'Irish Euro Lottery'.

"This is nothing to do with the National Lottery, nothing to do with our business and we advise people to proceed with caution in relation to these text messages.

"There seems to be a proliferation of them this week, we don't know why, but we do have a rolling EuroMillions jackpot at the moment.

"I'm delighted to have the opportunity to advise people that it has nothing to do with our business".

We at PlayEuroMillions.com would once again like to make sure that all EuroMillions lottery players no matter where in the world you are playing from are more than informed about lottery scams.

Let’s face it, it can be really exciting to get a mobile text or email notifying you that you have just won millions. If the results email or winning notification is in fact the email address or the notification once you have logged in to your preferred lottery ticket buying website – then “Whohooo!” you won.

But sadly it's far more likely to be another lottery scam. These lotto scams are far more common than you may realise, and turn up in millions of email inboxes every single day.

They vary in content and mention anything from winning a million dollars to millions of Euros.

10 Tips To Spot a Lottery Scam:

  1. Take note of the email address from which the email come from.  Make sure that it’s the same email address that you usually buy your lottery tickets from. If however, you all of sudden see a lottery winning notification from an email address you do not recognise, or it shows up as something like [email protected] -  don’t even bother opening the email. It’s fake.
  2. If you're not sure, take the bit after the @ sign, put www. in front of it and type that into your web browser and see where you end up. If it's not a lottery organiser, that's a bad sign!
  3. One thing is for sure, scammers will want you them. They will often then include an email address to reply to. Do the same test as on that email address. No genuine lottery company would use a free email account to correspond with jackpot winners!
  4. Legit online lottery companies will not only send you your usual results mailer, reflecting the lottery numbers you played, but you will also be able to log in to your account and click on your notifications or transaction history to verify the win. One top of all this you should also receive a phone call from your preferred lottery company informing you of the win.
  5. Grammar can be a dead giveaway too. Check the spelling, grammar and syntax in the email. Lottery scam emails or texts are often poorly written by people with a limited grasp of English. Logos may be skewed and stretched and letters are often printed using badly photocopied letterheads. Look at how you are addressed. If it’s something vague like “Dear Winner” rather than to you personally, be highly suspicious. 
  6. If the communication asks for a fee to process your winnings, you know for certain that you have just received a scam. No genuine lottery would ask you to pay before they give you a prize.
  7. Remember, Google is your friend, and more and more lottery scams are listed on the internet. Do a search of the company, and the names of people mentioned in the email. Use quotes around the names though, e.g. "Chantel Evans" or "European Lottery International".  Remember though, scammers are starting to quote genuine company names to get a better chance of scamming you, so this is where Googling the name associated comes in to play.
  8. If there’s a mobile phone number provided, don’t ring it. Legit companies have landlines. 
  9. If you know you have played the lottery, and you cannot find your usual results mailer, you can always contact the lottery website via the Live Chat icon and clarify whether or not you have any wins.
  10. Last, but not least, ask yourself, “Did I pay to enter this lottery? No company goes around giving jackpot millions out randomly to people.

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Best of luck!
The PlayEuroMillions.com Team

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