A Dream Come True For €38.9m EuroMillions Lotto Winners

The lucky winners of the €38.9m EuroMillions jackpot won in the December 29, 2017 has finally come forward and claimed their amazing euro lotto prize.

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The latest EuroMillions winners are a small family syndicate from Dublin, and they described their lucky EuroMillions windfall as, "life-changing," and have opted to remain anonymous.

Speaking to EuroMillions lottery officials they said that they purchased their winning EuroMillions ticket from the Village Shop in Malahide, owned by Ken and Amy Cong.

They continued saying that the week after the draw had been a total blur as they slowly came to terms with the win.

The spokesperson for the group that even though they are all now financially secure due to the lucky EuroMillions win, “We won’t go crazy. We have no plans to move to the moon."

He continued saying that the group will definitely continue to buy EuroMillions lottery tickets as usual.  He said that he had gone through his usual routine of double checking the euro lotto tickets at the shop, the morning after the draw. Only this time, "A message came up to contact the National Lottery. I knew then we had won. I was dizzy."

Just like the latest UK lottery family, the Riselli’s, who recently got the shock of their lives when they discovered that they had won £24 million instead of £24k on the UK Lottery, the EuroMillions family syndicate also celebrated together when the group’s leader gathered the family round to give them the incredible live-changing news. We can only imagine the total pandemonium when he relayed the amazing news. It’s definitely a brilliant way to kick start 2018 that’s for sure.

Through loads of tears and laughter the EuroMillions winners realised that their dreams have come true.

“We kept looking at each other, laughing and crying. Our dreams have come true.”

In amongst the family members, there was one individual who staying over. He naturally couldn’t believe that he had found himself right in the middle of those who had just won €39 million!

The family took a week to come to terms with the win, and only came forward a week later to claim their prize. They did however watch the speculation unfold on television, about who the latest EuroMillions jackpot winner could be.

“We kept saying: 'This is us!'"

The group said that they will also take their time deciding how they will spend the money. A few have some dreams that they will fulfil, such as buying a new house, vacationing in the Bahamas or Maldives, as well as starting up a family business.

Just like the UK Lottery jackpot winners, this lucky family also says that family comes first, and they are incredibly delighted that they never have to worry about money ever again.

Can you imagine what it must feel like to receive the news that you are a big lottery winner?  To know that all your financial worry and stress may finally be alleviated, and that you and your family are now free to live life on your terms and at your pace.  It must be an amazing feeling, one that all players around the world strive for week after week in their attempt to strike gold with an online lottery win.

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Best of luck!
The PlayEuroMillions.com Team

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