The Stupidest Lottery Winners Ever!

Some people just really don’t deserve to win the lottery. Looking back at a few lottery winners you too will agree with us. There are without a doubt a few lottery winners that undoubtedly hold the title “The stupid lottery winners ever!”

Idiot Lottery Winners

After forking out hard earned cash to buy a lottery ticket, their wildest dream came true and they won the jackpot – little did the world know that winning the lottery was not their wildest dream – not by a long shot.

These top stupidest lottery winners definitely messed things up when they became overnight multi-millionaires.

While most lottery players have a lottery wish list with new homes, cars, exotic vacations, and the knowledge that they need to invest some of their lotto winnings for the future, this lot just weren’t satisfied with what they got.

After all that time finally their wish was granted and they blew it. Drugs, alcohol, spending sprees, bad investments are only the tip of the iceberg. Instead of settling down and enjoying the rich life these stupid lottery winners really outdid themselves, in a bad way…

Justin Reiter

Justin made the biggest balls up when he won the lottery – literally.

Justin Reiter Golden Ball Boy

Here at, we love the Platinum lifestyle, but one lotto lover took this a bit too far, by gold-plating his manhood. Yep, you read that right.

The gold, silver and platinum lover, went from a not too stable guy, to begin with to the image you see above.

In late November 2015, reports started to surface that 27-year-old Justin Reiter of Alberta, Canada died after attempting to gold-plate his own genitals with an automotive-grade gold-plater after winning a $598,556 jackpot. The autopsy from Alberta Community Hospital reported the cause of death as lead-based paint poisoning.

According to the ‘internet,’ Justin had this fixation with the James Bond movie called Goldmember (well that would explain it) and wanted to replicate the actions of the villain who happened to colour the man’s parts in gold. He painted his manhood with lead-based paint. It just didn’t feel right so he went the extra mile by actually painting the area with gold. Not long after the procedure, he passed away. Doctors say that the cause of death was the lead-based paint. Why, Justin? Why did you have to do such a dumb thing? You had $600,000 in your pocket!

Thankfully, after fully investigating this story, we can confirm that the whole story is fake. (Phew!) The autopsy report from Alberta Community Hospital is a fake, Alberta Community Hospital doesn’t even exist, and the picture that was circulating with the news story (seen above) isn’t even one of Justin Reiter! The picture is actually of a Polish rapper named Popek.

The story is so well circulated though, that it still deserved a place in the stupidest lottery players ever list – added also to make sure that you do not, ever, even think about doing something this stupid with your lottery win.

The infamous Michael Carroll

If you google lottery winners, Google will come up with the image below. Meet Michael Carroll, another stupid lottery winner.

Lottery Winner

Michael Carroll is real. He won 9.7 million pounds in 2002 at the tender age of 19. Instead of investing his lottery win on his future, Carrol blew most of it on cocaine. He must have read up on the previous stupid lotto winner because he thought snorting the cocaine using a solid gold pen would definitely solidify his manliness.

Carrol bought a mansion, which yes, was an investment, but with his increasing cocaine habit, the fact that he spent a fortune on paying prostitutes for their services, and one extravagant party after another, he’s money dried up.

Today, Michael Carroll works at a cookie factory in Scotland. He says that he’s happy, regardless of the fact that his weekly salary is 204 pounds.

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