Lottery Winner Leaves Girlfriend Without Telling Her He Won

A Canadian lotto player recently won nearly $6 million on the Canadian Lotto 6aus49. A few days later, though he left his girlfriend without telling her about the lottery win, and a legal battle has now begun over who the rightful owner of the lotto win is…

What's happened between this particular couple sounds like something from a movie. First, her boyfriend leaves her for no apparent reason, then she finds out that he won the lottery while he was still in a relationship with her. 

Denise and Maurice Thibeault had been in a serious relationship for quite some time, and according to Denise, they had been living together since 2015. She said that they routinely purchased lottery tickets together as most couples do, and there was no secret in doing so. They also like most couples spoke about what they would do if they ever did win the lottery.

Maurice and Denise

On September 20, Maurice purchased a Candadian Lotto aus49 lottery ticket, and the ticket won half of the $12 million jackpot. However, he did not tell his girlfriend anything about the win. The day after the draw, Denise heard on the radio, that a winner in their area had won the jackpot. She immediately told Maurice, and told him that he should double check their lottery ticket.

According to Denise this is how the conversation went:

Denise: "Did you buy a 649 lottery ticket last night?"
Maurice: "Yes"
Denise: "OMG ... check it!!!"
Maurice: "I will need to check my ticket."
Denise: "12 million - 2 winners ... Chatham and Quebec"
Maurice: "That would be nice. I don't need all of it. Just a small piece."
Denise: Yep, I'll start planning the floor plan for the house."
Maurice: "OK"

Unfortunately, four days after Denise asked Maurice about the win, she came home to find that had left, taking his clothes and passport. Court documents also show he denied the win when asked by his partner.

According to Denise, she said, "Looking back, I can remember that he a huge amount of laundry washing the night before, without putting the clothes back in the closets, as if preparing to pack and disappear," she said in her statement.

Maurice also quit his job and tried to claim the money. But Denise quickly hired lawyers obtained a court order to freeze the payout until the lottery organizers could determine who the legitimate winner was.

The lottery organizer, OLG announced, winners who have won more than $ 1,000 would have to go through a process to claim the prize. If there are disputes over ownership claims, then this would be investigated.

And what does Maurice say about the allegations? It's not known where he's staying, but he did however speak to a Canadian newspaper saying, “I’m just seeing what the lawyers come up with and what my rights are and go from there.”

At the moment Maurice has become one of the most controversial men in Canada since going seemingly underground.

“When this is all said and done I might make a comment to the papers, but until then I’m just laying low.” Maurice said that it's a complicated situation and admitted to hiring a lawyer and waiting for legal advice.

Until now no winnings have been paid out, and I'm sure just all of us at, you too would like to know the outcome of this story. Stay tuned and we will most definitely resport back as soon as we know more.

What to do if you share a lottery ticket?

While this story is by no means the norm when it come to couple's playing the lottery, it is wise to take into consideration a few handy tips when playing the lottery with someone, be it a love one, friend or fellow colleague. 

If you play the lottery with any of the above mentioned, make sure that the winning lottery ticket is signed by everyone in the group. By doing so, you are making it clear that the winning lottery ticket belongs to all those that have signed the ticket.  If however, the group plays quite a substantial amount of tickets, and signing every single one of these tickets is just too much to ask for, draw up an agreement.

In order to know exactly which lottery numbers were played and which winning numbers were drawn, it is recommended that the person who buys the tickets, copies them and sends them by e-mail to the other participants. So every player can compare the numbers.

The safest way is to alwasys have a writen agreement, that way not only will you save money on legal costs, those in the group (even your partner) will most like not even consider defaulting on the agreement.

Of course, you could alwasy just simply play the lottery online! With so many internaltional lotto games available all under one convenient roof, you could play your favourtie lotto game, and take up your special uniquely tailored offers. Plus when it comes to claiming on lottery wins, its a simple as 1,2,3.

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