Playing all the biggest international lotto games in the world online is easy and fun when you're playing with us! With so many global lotteries and raffles to choose from, picking your favourite one to play can be somewhat overwhelming. Don't worry! We have created a comprehensive overview of the biggest jackpot games available to help you find your way on

See our list below which includes everybody’s favourite international lotto:



Introduction To Euromillions:

It goes by a number of nicknames including Euro Lotto and European Millions... but whatever you call it there is one thing that never changes, the giant jackpots on offer! Since 2004 this exciting pan-European lottery has been breaking jackpot records all over Europe and is now officially the biggest lottery game on the continent, and in fact, the world. Starting out incorporating just 3 European nations, namely France, Spain and the United Kingdom, Euromillions has grown to include another 6 countries.
Play international Euromillions Lottery  

Play international EuroMillions



Introduction To EuroJackpot:

Countries unable to participate in the popular Pan-European EuroMillions lottery became frustrated that they couldn't share in the mass excitement of giant jackpots being generated by the EuroMillions lottery - so they set about devising their own joint lottery. The EuroJackpot is the result of this initiative, and it certainly isn't shy to flaunt its worth!

With prizes starting at €10 million, and with the potential to rise as high as €90 million, the EuroJackpot lottery is certainly a viable gaming option.

Play international EuroJackpot Lottery  

Play international EuroJackpot



Introduction To The UK Lottery:

    Since 1994 UK Lotto has been quietly making millionaires, emerging as one of the most popular lotto games in the world. Its success can be attributed to its simple number selection format – a straightforward 6/49 selection process – and its association with many charitable causes around the UK. Playing the UK Lotto is as easy and effortless as it gets. There is no need to mess around with star numbers or power balls and you can be assured of generous Pound jackpots on offer twice a week. UK National Lottery



    Introduction To Lotto 6aus49:

    With the German Lotto having been established in 1955, this Euro lotto game is backed by a rich history for creating brand new wealth all over the world. The game is more commonly known as Lotto 6 aus 49, and is the largest national lottery game currently being played in Germany. With a reported prize payout of over €5 billion annually, it is indeed quite a lucrative international lotto game. The draws take place twice a week; every Wednesday and Saturday. The Lotto 6aus49  



    Introduction To American Powerball Lottery:

    This multi-State lottery game is immensely popular in both the USA and across the world. 5-numbers and the lucky red Powerball is all that stands between you and a fortune beyond your wildest dream. USA Powerball jackpots start at $40 million and can rise into the many hundreds of millions of Dollars. These record jackpots include a spectacular US$590 million jackpot in 2013. The US Powerball tickets purchased by registered subscribers are purchased in Connecticut, USA.
    The American Powerball Lottery  



    Introduction To The Mega Millions Lottery:

    The second giant multi-State lottery offered by PlayEuromillions, Mega Millions currently holds the record as the lottery with the largest jackpot ever offered – an amazing US$656 million. 2012 was a special year for the 3 lucky ticket holders who shared this record jackpot. As a registered subscriber, you too are guaranteed your access into this spectacular US lotto game - the entry tickets into this lottery gets purchased in Connecticut, USA.
    The MegaMillions Lottery  


    SUPERENALOTTO (Italian Lotto)

    Introduction To The SuperEnaLotto:

    The object of the game is simple – match 6 balls out of a possible 90. If you can get that right then the big prize is yours! Hey, nobody said this would be easy but you got to be in it to win it. SuperEnaLotto or simply the ‘Italian Lottery’ has been taking place in Italy since 3 December 1997 with draws take place 3 times a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. at 8:00 PM. As with the Euromillions lottery, SuperEna has offered some of the biggest jackpot prizes ever seen in Europe or the world. The SuperEnaLotto Lottery  



    Introduction To SuperEna Max:

    The SuperEna Max, the latest international lottery sensation to make its appearance on, is a European lottery game whose roots can be traced back to the legendary Italian lotto loved by many, the SuperEna Lotto. This exciting new addition to the already-impressive selection of lotto games promises to keep your lotto gaming excitement levels at their absolute peak, offering highly lucrative jackpot prizes.

    The SuperEna Max draws will take place thrice a week, and features guaranteed jackpot amounts and a sensational ‘Superstar’ play option during special draws, which has the ability to dramatically increase the available prize fund available to be won during these special draws. 

    SuperEna Max  



    Introduction To The Oz Lotto:

    This record-breaking Australian lottery game, the Oz Lotto, has fans from all over the world and with a top jackpot of AUD$112 million currently holds the title of ‘biggest lottery in Australia’. To play and win this national Australian lottery you need to select 7 numbers from a possible 45, matching all 7 will win you the jackpot. Oz Lotto makes things even more interesting by including 2 supplementary numbers which add extra prize tiers. The Australian OzLotto Lottery  



    Introduction To The Oz Powerball:

    Known in Australia as simply ‘Powerball’ we refer to it as Australian Powerball (or ‘Oz Powerball’) to distinguish it from the American Powerball game on which it is based. Australian Powerball is the second big Oz lottery game offered on and has certainly also seen its fair share of giant jackpots. 6 numbers and 1 Powerball will have you retiring rich well before your time! The Australian Powerball Lottery  



    Introduction To El Gordo:

    The Sunday El Gordo lottery is a Spanish National Lottery that takes place once a week on Sunday. It is run by ‘Loterías y Apuestas del Estado’ the name given to the Spanish National lottery organisers. The full name for the lottery is ‘El Gordo de la Primitiva’ and is not to be confused with either the ‘La Primitiva’ lottery or the ‘El Gordo de Navidad’ Christmas raffle. 5 numbers from 54 and 1 number from 10 will give you a chance at winning this legendary Spanish game.


    SUPERLOTTO PLUS (California State Lottery)

    Introduction To SuperLotto Plus:

    SuperLotto Plus, also known as the California State Lottery, is one of 7 lottery games available from State of California, USA (and the 3rd of the USA lotteries offered by SuperLotto Plus has gone by many names and formats since its original inception back in the mid-1980’s. The current format requires players to choose a total of 6 numbers from 2 ball sets and is played twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It boasts a top jackpot payout of $193 million which was won back in 2002.


    FRANCELOTO (Loto Francaise)

    Introduction To France Loto:

    FranceLoto or ‘Loto Francaise’is the official French National lottery played 3 times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays; with the draws taking place in Paris, France. 6 lucky numbers from 2 ball sets need to be selected and players win the jackpot by matching all 6. With a record jackpot of €24 million France Loto is no slouch when it comes to big payouts either. Relatively good odds and 6 prize tiers make this a favorite amongst lottery fans from around the world.


    MEGA SENA LOTTERY (Brazilian National Lottery)

    Introduction To Mega Sena:

    The MegaSena lottery, run by one of the largest banks in Latin America (Caixa Econômica Federal), is probably one of the most exciting games in the world - not to mention it officially being the largest lottery in Brazil. Caixa manages most of the popular lotteries in Brazil, including the Quina and LotoMania lotteries. The majority of the profit generated from these lotteries are channeled directly back into social awareness in Brazil, mostly towards sports and education development.




    Introduction To La Primitiva:

      If you are looking to play a hugely popular national lottery with a rich, colourful history and a wealth of tradition behind it (not to mention millions upon millions of Euros in prize money), then look no further than the Spanish La Primitiva. In addition to it being the most popular lottery in Spain, La Primitiva is also the oldest, longest-running lottery in the world. The La Primitiva draws are held twice a week; every Thursday and Saturday at Loterias y Apuestas del Estado, the official lottery draw studios based in Madrid, Spain.
      La Primitiva



      Introduction To The 'Sorteos Extraordinarios'

      In addition to the already-exciting El Gordo lottery draw that takes place every Sunday afternoon, the Spanish Lottery also offers up scintillating "super raffles". Two of the biggest draws on the international lottery calendar, are the Summer Raffle (held every July), as well as the Spanish Christmas Lottery (held over the festive season). The odds on these super raffles are very good, be sure to check them out!

      Navidad Draw  



      Introduction To The el Nino Raffle:

      As if hosting two super raffles wasn't enough (and hot on the heels of the Spanish Christmas Lottery, the Loteria de Navidad), the Spanish El Niño New Years raffle helps ensure that lottery players around the globe stand a chance at getting their new year started on a very positive and prosperous note. The draws take place in Madrid, Spain.

      el nino  



      Introduction To The Loteria Nacional Extra:

      In addition to the biggest Spanish raffles in the world on offer at there are regular monthly raffles featuring lucrative prizes and fantastic odds. Collectively all these Spanish super raffles are known as Sorteos Extraordinarios or the Loteria Nacional Extra raffles. The draws take place in Madrid, Spain.

      loteria nacional extra  
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