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The EuroMillions Lottery


History Of Euromillions:

The date which started a global lotto frenzy was the 7th of February 2004, which was the début of the EuroMillions Lotto Draw which you could purchase EUroMillions tickets. The first draw was held in Paris a week later, the 13th February 2004. The EuroMillions Lotto are attributed to a few countries : The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland but is available to the rest of the world by purchasing EuroMillions tickets online.

One of the most viable services is

The  EuroMillions Lottery  

 The Original Euro millions draw was only one per week, however it has increased to 2 draws a week with an addition of extra balls added to the star number ball set in 2011. Some of the winners , like Chris and Colin Weir who won a staggering €185 million on the Euromillions draw in 2011, win huge amounts of money as can be seen with some of the winners.

How To Play Euromillions:

Lottery players select numbers from two different ball sets:

- 5 main numbers are chosen from a pool of 50 possible numbers (1 – 50)
- 2 “star” numbers are chosen from a pool of 11 possible numbers (1 – 11)

A EuroMillions line thus contains a total of 7 numbers.

To win the jackpot a player must match all 7 numbers to the 7 numbers drawn. Organizers use two machines to provide the winning numbers for each draw. “Stresa” which is used to provide the 5 main numbers and “Paquerette” which is used to provide the 2 lucky star numbers. 

Any person 18 or over may take part in the EuroMillions draw on The game is currently available to players in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and online.



EuroMillions Rollovers And Superdraws:
The EuroMillions jackpot cap was revised in 2012 with the maximum jackpot amount possible being set at €190 million. If a jackpot reaches €190 million and rolls over it will not increase. If the jackpot is still not won on the 2nd rollover draw, the jackpot prize will ‘roll down’ and be shared by the next prize tier.

EuroMillion Superdraws are special events when the Jackpot is set to €100 million (or  sometimes €130 million), regardless of the current prize funds.

Superdraws average twice a year for jackpots of either €100 million or €130 million as seen from previous draws.

Under the  rules, if there are no winners, the Superdraw jackpot is rolled over to the next week.

Take your share of the jackpot by purchasing EuroMillions lotto tickets online today!.

When to play Euromillions:

Originally there was only one draw per week held on a Friday night. In 2011 another draw was added to the format. EuroMillions draws are now held every Friday and Tuesday night in Paris.

EuroMillions Prize structure (standard draw with no rollover):

Numbers Stars  % of prize fund Expected winnings
Expected winnings
2 0
2 1 24.0% € 9 £6.40
1 2 10.1% € 10 £7.20
3 0 4.7% € 17 £12
2 2 4.4% € 23 £16.50
3 1 5.1% € 28 £19.60
3 2 1.0% € 77 £53.90
4 0 0.7% € 113 £79.10
4 1 1.0% € 242 £169.50
4 2 1.5% € 5,085 £3,559.50
5 0 2.1% € 76,275 £53,392.70
5 1 7.4% € 403,169 £282,218.80
5 2 32.0% € 15,000,000 Jackpot


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