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EuroMillions Jackpot Winner €73 million Richer!

Fans and dedicated players of the Euro Lotto never fail to make sure that they’re in the running to snatch up some of the biggest and most impressive prizes each week.  With its generous rollovers, it’s clear to see why the EuroMillions lottery is one of the most popular games in the world.  Without making you wait any longer, let’s have a look at how this game performed in last night’s draw.

How To Handle A PlayEuroMillions Jackpot Win

Winning the lottery is something that just about every adult has dreamt about and quite frankly if it has never once crossed your mind… then you must naturally be extremely rich already.  For the rest of us winning really big and having instant, incredible wealth which will enable us to live the life we truly want, and after slaving day and day out for someone else is without a doubt something that everyone aspires to.  This is precisely why playing the lottery online with PlayEuroMillions is after all the best possible decision you can make today.

Weekend EuroMillions Results | 30th March ’15

With a chance of scooping up a whopping €64 million in the EuroMillions lottery and €29 million in the Euro Jackpot, it shouldn’t shock you that there were fans from all over the world crossing fingers that their numbers would match those which were drawn.  Let’s take a look at how one of the biggest and most lucrative Euro Lotto games performed in the draw on Friday, March 27th.  

Another Rollover Sets EuroMillions Jackpot at €64 million!

This week’s EuroMillions draw offered players the chance of scooping up an unbelievable jackpot prize, which had the potential to turn any player who was lucky enough to match all of the necessary numbers into an instant multimillionaire. After yet another rollover, there was even more reason for players to make sure that their entries were placed in time to secure their spot in the running to hit the big time.  Let’s have a look at how the latest game performed in Tuesday’s (March, 24th) drawing. 

Be A Winner the Right Way!

There are various things which separate lottery winners who live happily ever after from those who, five years down the line, have blown through their fortunes and have ended up either broke or in jail.  Stephen Danish, who was hired by the Virginia Lottery to counsel winners, stated that he can tell how someone will handle their win after hearing them talk about their future.  If they talk about spending, it’s more than likely that they’ll be in trouble in the future in terms of the windfall.  If they talk about what they plan to accomplish with their money, they’ll more than likely be okay.  

Upcoming EuroMillions – Could You Be €45 million Richer?

The Euro Lotto offers players some of the most lucrative jackpot prizes there are, which makes it simple to understand why the EuroMillions lottery is one of the most popular and biggest games in the world.  If you haven’t already placed your entries for the upcoming draw tomorrow, have a look at these results.  We’re sure it will be all of the motivation that you need to get clicking and be in the running to walk away with the mind-blowing jackpot prize. 


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