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How to Lose a Million

Every day we go about enticing our readers and advising them on how to best spend their lottery winnings.   We advise them on what to buy, how to invest or what are the most popular items lottery winners enjoy purchasing.  Sometimes too, we advise them on what not to do, and ways in which winning the lottery could be detrimental.

EuroMillions Weekend Jackpots | 26 January’15

Fevers were running high as US Lottery and Euro Lotto were offering astronomical jackpots over their respective weekend draws.  EuroMillions was included in the roster of top prized games which would potentially create a host of winners.  Europe and largely the world’s favorite lotto game has its draw on Friday, January 23rd.  Here are the results of that highly anticipated game.

EuroMillions Weekend Lottery Update | 19 January’15

With mammoth prizing from world lottery titan games such as US Powerball and US Mega Millions grabbing the world’s attention with their lavish nine-figure jackpots up for grabs over the weekend’s illustrious lottery draws, how could other world lotteries, such as EuroMillions possibly contend?  Europe, and largely the world’s most beloved lotto game, has garnered that very reputation by being the one game that frequently doles out mega jackpot prizing.  In the midst of giant games, the EuroMillions is still top preference as its odds and likelihood of amazing lottery winning is very real and very tangible.  That being said, let’s review how well this weekend’s EuroMillions performed in its Friday, January 16th draw.   

EuroMillions Vs. EuroJackpot

Ever since 2004, we have been playing and enjoying the EuroMillions lottery. With a substantial amount of participating countries and at least two Superdraws a year, the EuroMillions lottery has excited lottery enthusiasts all over the world.  But, there seems to be a new kid on the block. The EuroJackpot lottery is once again making significant changes that will mean bigger jackpots!

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