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Latest Euro Lotto Results Online

A lucky French player grabbed a whopping €40.4 million grand prize in the EuroMillions draw that took place last Friday, the 24th of July 2015. Passionate online lotto players are now rushing to get their tickets in for tomorrow’s EuroMillions draw in the hopes of winning a wonderful jackpot amount of €25 million. So far no player has matched any winning numbers to give them the jackpot prize. Read further for the full details of the EuroMillions lotto results from the date of 28 July, 2015, and the latest EuroJackpot lotto results for the 24th of July.

£148.6M EuroMillions In A 'Lotto' Trouble

There seems to be a trend with lottery winners. It doesn’t apply to all winners, because most of the winners we report on are well-deserving, humble, and they know how to handle the new millionaire status. This particular mega-winner on the other hand, has been getting himself into unpleasant situations and scenarios since his win. Adrian Bayford, winner of the massive £148.6 million EuroMillions jackpot in 2012, is now being sued for £200,000. Read the full details in the article below. 

Old Numbers Win $1M MegaMillions Prize & Other News

Many online lottery players have their own special techniques for choosing lucky numbers. One technique in particular has begun to prove quite lucky in fact, after a few wins have been recorded this year after players won with the same lucky numbers they have been playing for years at a time. Today we’ll be talking about a player who played the same numbers for 20 years in a row who won big, and a Powerball story that will make you laugh and slap your forehead with pity for the player. Continue reading for the full story. 

How to Pick Winning EuroMillions Numbers For Tonight’s Massive Draw

Euro Lotto fans are all well aware that tonight’s EuroMillion’s draw is offering players a jackpot prize of €40 million. You heard right. Online lotto players are snapping up EuroMillions tickets left right and centre to be entered into the draw for tonight. Let’s discuss how you should pick the lucky numbers that might see you holding a giant check for €40 million in your hands in the next few days. Read further for all the juicy lotto details. 

EuroMillions Winners With Expiring Prizes

One cannot begin to imagine the thought of having millions to your name, but you don’t even know it because either you’ve forgotten about your ticket, or you haven’t bothered to check your results. The September deadlines are looming nearer for the unclaimed EuroMillions Prizes. Read the full article to be informed about where these prizes were won, and whether you are in fact the winning ticket-holder. 

Why You Should Rather Play The Lotto Online

Many loyal online lotto players buy their lottery tickets only from us simply because of stories of this sort that happen more and more often. They buy lottery tickets online to avoid missing out on potential millions of Euros. The advantages of playing the lotto online are endless, with the first port-of-call being that it’s convenient and you don’t need to get out of your slippers or robe to be entered into the draws of some of the biggest jackpots in the world. If you think about it, you can literally become a millionaire being in your bathrobe with a glass of wine in your hand. Read further about this EuroMillions lotto winner who now only buys his tickets online after this near-disastrous event with a winning ticket. 


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