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RECENT WINNERS: Jiyenbek S has won £32.00 on GermanLotto    John B has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Marta M has won €73.59 on Powerball    Keith G has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Anthony H has won $28.00 on SuperEnaMax    Suresh N has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Stig R. A has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Peter M H has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Francois P has won £73.00 on UKLottery    Kalina D has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Maria D has won $40.83 on OzLotto    Lars D has won €25.80 on GermanLotto    Vanessa C has won £83.00 on UKLottery    Nigel B has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Mario P has won $28.00 on SuperEnaMax    Cront G has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Kazbek A has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Juan F has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Kalina D has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Jozsef U has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Kalina D has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Phillip D has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Stu S has won £71.77 on EuroMillions    Marian M has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Miro D has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Andrew U has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Miro D has won €32.00 on UKLottery    David B has won $30.75 on SuperEnaMax    Willem Van H has won £73.00 on UKLottery    Miro D has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Bart V has won €383.46 on SuperEnaMax    Oliver G has won £59.00 on UKLottery    Petar S has won €39.70 on GermanLotto    Larry M has won $28.00 on SuperEnaMax    Ilias X has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Andrei D has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Anthony P has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Andrej K has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Kuranadithya R has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Kuranadithya R has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Miro D has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Amanda V has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Harle L has won $43.00 on UKLottery    Eddie M has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Sergii M has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Jose A has won £50.88 on LaPrimitiva    Shaun S has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Tom Erik F has won €56.20 on EuroMillions    Mahmud S has won €28.49 on OzPowerball    Eddie M has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Amedee A has won £44.68 on EuroMillions    Nikolai K has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Andre B has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Muhammetmyrat A has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Deon B has won £25.00 on UKLottery    John Chukwunweike I has won £69.00 on UKLottery    Andrej K has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Jana C has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Dimitar D has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Leanne M has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Aristides Antonio D has won $28.00 on SuperEnaMax    Andrej K has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Andrew U has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Petar S has won €28.49 on OzPowerball    Philippe A has won $31.67 on EuroMillions    Roman Z has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Kennet F has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Philippe A has won $26.85 on EuroMillions    Alan M C has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Miro D has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Miro D has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Rob T has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Peter J has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Tony R has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Revaz T has won £171.16 on OzLotto    Chris B has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Stephen C has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Mahmud S has won €28.49 on OzPowerball    Danny T has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Muhammetmyrat A has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Kaisar M N has won $28.00 on SuperEnaMax    Miro D has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Miro D has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Theo C has won £25.00 on UKLottery    Waldemar T has won €32.00 on UKLottery    Gilseu B has won $43.00 on UKLottery    Michael V has won €498.10 on SuperEnaMax    
Lottery Jackpot Time/Date  
It SuperEna Max
Results Pending
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Us Mega Millions US  $58,000,000
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Es Spanish La Primitiva EU  €30,700,000
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Us PowerBall US  $40,000,000
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Europeanunion EuroMillions
Results Pending
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Europeanunion EuroJackpot EU  €18,000,000
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Us SuperLotto Plus US  $23,000,000
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It SuperEnaLotto
Results Pending
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Au Oz Lotto US  $14,000,000
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Au Oz Powerball US  $14,000,000
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De Lotto 6aus49 EU  €5,000,000
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Es El Gordo EU  €6,000,000
Play now
Gb UK Lottery UK  £2,100,000
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Fr France Loto EU  €2,000,000
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Br Mega-Sena US  $1,300,000
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Raffle Draw size Time/Date  
Es Loteria Nacional Extra EU  €84,000,000
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Tallest Roller Coaster in the World

Roller Coasters are what make or break an amusement park.  No park is complete without a monstrously tall ‘coaster to tease visitors and test their audacity, but some parks around the world have taken their roller coaster dares to the next level.  These parks’ roller coasters are famous the world over for being astronomically tall and taunting only the most courageous and adventurous riders.  Let’s review some of the world’s tallest, gaudier roller coasters around.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

As the online world goes from strength to strength, various jobs that rely on older technologies are suffering and will end up disappearing. These jobs include mail carriers, lumberjacks and even newspaper reporters. Although the digital era has brought us the ability to play the lottery online, check our lucky winning results all in the comfort or our home, it has also meant that some jobs are suffering due to technology improving all the time.

The Euromillions Lottery

The PlayEuroMillions website Lottery, widely acknowledged as one of the largest, most lucrative and rewarding, most entertaining international lotteries in Europe - and indeed, the world - was conceptualized and brought to life in February 2004 as a joint venture by the national lottery agencies of France (Française de Jeux), Spain (Loterías y Apuestos del Estado - organizers of the famous El Gordo Draw) and the United Kingdom (the UK National Lottery, operated by Camelot).

When the Euro Millions lotto first kicked off, these three countries were the only ones in the draws - but upon noticing the huge potential to be had by being a part of the collaboration, and barely a couple of months after the first draw, another six countries elected to become a part of the EuroMillions draw as well. To date, a total of nine countries pool their revenue generated by ticket sales and channel them towards the jackpot prize, often resulting in huge wins by lucky players – the largest recorded jackpot win to date has been a massive €190 million, won in August 2012 by a couple in Suffolk, England. The countries currently participating in the EuroMillions lottery are as follows:







                     Republic of Ireland



                     United Kingdom


With the number of countries joining the European Union, it will be a mere matter of time before these countries also decide to throw their chips in with the Euro Lotto (as it's more commonly known as), thus surely equating to even bigger jackpot prizes. Another factor that sets the Euro Millions apart from other international lottos, is that twice a year they hold a special “Super Draw”. What's unique about this draw (besides the guaranteed €100 million jackpot), is that all players only have a week in which to try to match up their selection to the drawn numbers and Lucky Stars in the hopes of securing a win. Should nobody have any luck in netting the main jackpot prize, it will then filter down to the next prize tier and be distributed accordingly. The odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are currently 1 in 116,531,800. Although the majority of all Euro Millions players focus on the elusive jackpot, the game actually has 13 prize tiers on offer – so realistically, players have a 1 in 13 chance of walking away with a prize of some sort. Statistically, should one purchase a EuroMillions lottery ticket for every draw in the space of a year, on average you could expect to win a tier prize on 8 occasions.

Taking these facts into consideration, doesn't playing the EuroMillions game just seem all the more tempting? Who knows – perhaps you will be a jackpot winner! has made entering international lotteries so much easier – your valid entry is only a few clicks away. What are you waiting for?

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